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Marvel Superstar #3: Hulk.

July 31, 2009


Fantasy as you like it. Started gray, turned green, currently red. The Hulk is incredible. He is also the consensus third most popular character in our survey.

Everyone gets mad. Other people make us want to make a big fist and crush things to bits. Bruce Banner’s alter ego brings the savage beatdown that we secretly desire.  Hulk Smash!

Marvel Superstar #3 is Hulk.


Who will be the first Marvel Ultimate Showdown Champion? It could be you.

July 30, 2009



Those are the last two Vs. System Pro Circuit Champions, Kyle Dembinski and Tommy Ashton. Who will be the first Lord of Marvel Superstars? The future has not been written.

It could be you.

We have no details about the game or the tournament structure, but it is never to soon to dream. Practice your favorite trading card game. Gather a group of friends and make plans for attending the first Marvel Ultimate Showdown. Stay tuned to this station.

Once I had the massive good fortune to be part of a World Championship team, and I can tell you a few things about the experience. It is pure bliss, although it takes determined dedication and a whole bunch of practice. It was exhausting, but I would not trade the memories for anything.

Get ready, the risks are worth the rewards.


(Left to right: Billy Zonos, Carl Perlas, Ryan Jones, Dave Spears, Rob Leander, Joel Eddy, Shane Wendal, Tony Burian, Mike Mikaelian. Bottom row: Rian Fike.)


Marvel Superstar #2: Wolverine.

July 30, 2009


The early results are in, and it seems that Wolverine has a sizable lead in the popular vote. Barring some sort of miracle comeback by the Hulk, Marvel Superstar #2 will be from Canada.

Why is Wolverine so popular? He is short, he is scruffy, and he is shameless. He does what he wants, and he is not afraid to do it often. Life in civilized society demands rules and laws and social graces. Wolverine doesn’t care about those things.

He also has a built-in lethal weapon, or six. His claws are the envy of every kid in the world. The X-Men team affiliation has been at the forefront of the modern generation of Marvel Comics since the television cartoon series hit the airwaves, and Wolverine has always been their loudest character in the public imagination.

Marvel Superstar #2 is Wolverine.


Artist Spotlight: Meghan Hetrick

July 29, 2009

meghan hetrick6

One of the greatest joys found in the collision between comic books and trading cards is the aesthetic expansion of their modern mythos. In other words, we get to see our favorite superheroes drawn and painted in fresh new ways.

The Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game might continue this artistic tradition. While we wait for confirmation we will showcase some artists who contributed original art sketch cards to Marvel Masterpieces, one of Upper Deck’s other superheroic products.

Today we present Meghan Hetrick and her grinning purity of expression.





That last card perfectly portrays the obscure yet incomparable beauty of Gertrude Yorkes. Will she be included in the character roster for the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game? Highly unlikely. Will Meghan Hetrick’s sublime renditions be featured in the artwork on the game cards? Probably not.

Nevertheless, we applaud Meghan’s talent here today. Spectacular stuff.


Marvel Superstars #2-6: You Decide.

July 29, 2009


The upcoming Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game will feature the biggest names in Marvel Comics history. When it comes to choosing the best of the best, however, there is a super-powered debate surrounding the placement of individual characters on the Top Twenty list.

Spider-Man is the accepted consensus #1 character. Now we need help with the next five.

We have received a jumbo helping of opinion on the CBR forums, and today we are starting an unofficial strictly subjective community survey to decide the rest of the Top Tier. Please vote in our poll today and make the decision with us.

Good luck to all.


Are you ready for a Marvel Ultimate Showdown?

July 28, 2009


We do not know the dates. We do not know the format. We do know one thing. There will be major tournaments for the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game and they will be called Marvel Ultimate Showdowns.




Veterans of the Vs. System Pro Circuit know what this means: A Superhero Party like you have never seen. We have the props. We have the desire. Marvel Ultimate Showdown, bring it on!



Marvel Superstar #1: Spider-Man.

July 27, 2009



We do not know what characters will be included in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game, but we can make some educated guesses. Top of the list has got to be Spider-Man.

Each superhero that we study in this way will start with the comic book that includes their first appearance. That is the original web-head cover, from way back in August of 1962.

Why is Spider-Man the biggest superstar in Marvel Comics history? That’s an interesting question. It can’t be the bug, people don’t like real spiders much. It isn’t the powers, although shooting webs and spider senses would be very cool abilities to have. It must be the little-guy factor.

See, Peter Parker is a nerd. He is weak in more ways than one. We relate to him, since he is one of us. Then he becomes Spider-Man and he beats any villain they put in front of him.

Marvel Superstar #1 is Spider-Man.