Marvel Superstars #2-6: You Decide.

July 29, 2009


The upcoming Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game will feature the biggest names in Marvel Comics history. When it comes to choosing the best of the best, however, there is a super-powered debate surrounding the placement of individual characters on the Top Twenty list.

Spider-Man is the accepted consensus #1 character. Now we need help with the next five.

We have received a jumbo helping of opinion on the CBR forums, and today we are starting an unofficial strictly subjective community survey to decide the rest of the Top Tier. Please vote in our poll today and make the decision with us.

Good luck to all.



  1. Why is Spider-Man numero uno? I have this argument constantly with my boyfriend (who is a fan of the spiderguy). I would say without a doubt, not only is the X-Men franchise larger and more popular, but that among children the Wolverine icon has been far more popular. Think about when you went out at Halloween. How many Wolverines were there? Tons, every little blonde boy wants to be Wolverine; the smart ones cut off their plush claws and make better ones out of cardboard. There were usually and still are a few Cyclops out there. IF you saw a kid as spiderman it was usually just the one, alone, and very very young. I have to say the X-men franchise (the morning cartoon) is what inspired me to start reading comic books and I find more people that relate to me on that note than my boyfriend does with Spider-Man.

  2. Bumble, I can understand your take on the situation. I guess it may be a generational thing.

    Us old folks grew up with Spider-Man, you youngsters were formed by X-Men.

    We made the webhead Number One because of the sentiments on CBR, which is linked in the text. Comic book “purists” will always insist on that status. Maybe with one more generation your sentiments will be in the majority. For now, it seems bonded.

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