Who will be the first Marvel Ultimate Showdown Champion? It could be you.

July 30, 2009



Those are the last two Vs. System Pro Circuit Champions, Kyle Dembinski and Tommy Ashton. Who will be the first Lord of Marvel Superstars? The future has not been written.

It could be you.

We have no details about the game or the tournament structure, but it is never to soon to dream. Practice your favorite trading card game. Gather a group of friends and make plans for attending the first Marvel Ultimate Showdown. Stay tuned to this station.

Once I had the massive good fortune to be part of a World Championship team, and I can tell you a few things about the experience. It is pure bliss, although it takes determined dedication and a whole bunch of practice. It was exhausting, but I would not trade the memories for anything.

Get ready, the risks are worth the rewards.


(Left to right: Billy Zonos, Carl Perlas, Ryan Jones, Dave Spears, Rob Leander, Joel Eddy, Shane Wendal, Tony Burian, Mike Mikaelian. Bottom row: Rian Fike.)


One comment

  1. I pledge, if Marvel Superstars is playable, that Team Nerdcave WILL rule the Showdown world!

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