This is all speculation.

August 10, 2009


In less than one week, the truth about the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game will be revealed. Until then we wait and wonder.

Will the art include magnificent hip-hop hilarity like that of the Bryan Turner masterpieces displayed above? We do not know yet.

Will the character selection include obscure oddities such as Squirrel Girl and Alpha Flight? We do not know yet.

Will the game mechanics be anything like the games we already know and love? We do not know yet.

Soon the speculation will end. This weekend at GenCon Indianapolis will be a revelation. Marvel Superstars will finally be crystal clear.



  1. Well, the art will be who knows. The characters will be mainstream (largest target audience) and the mechanics will be more yugioh and less Vs. System, again they want to hit the target audience.

    That being said, I’m on-board for whatever it is. I miss the Vs. gang.

  2. Cameron, I cannot wait to meet you somewhere mid-Florida for the first tournaments.

    Good times revisited.

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