The Aftermath.

August 13, 2009

That video exploded into the global consciousness last night, on the eve of GenCon 2009. As we scour the interwebs all day for more breaking news about the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game, we can assemble a preliminary picture of the coming worldwide cardboard obsession.

The most striking thing about the Iron Man trailer, to me, is the fact that Marvel Studios allowed Upper Deck to enhance and customize the footage from the original film. That is a creative partnership with courageous teeth. The future of their collaborative promotional productions promises be spectacular.

The first card ever revealed for the Marvel Superstars Trading Card game is still a bit of an enigma.


It is an Ally Character. It is Iron Man. It has something called Justice, with three different statistical values. It has an ability that sounds very familiar.

In the vocabulary of the Vs. System game, “Exhaust target character, and it can’t ready next turn” means that this Iron Man can stop an opposing character from attacking and activating its own powers. It tells us that Marvel Superstars will have some sort of turn-based game structure.

Beyond that, we are still in the dark. We still have no clue what the numbers mean. We haven’t the foggiest notion of how victory will be achieved. We don’t know what other kinds of cards will be included. Even with the bombshell YouTube Iron Man trailer that blasted our brains to bits, the full picture of Marvel Superstars remains to be seen.


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