Maiden Demonstrations: How to play Marvel Superstars.

August 14, 2009


It is the morning after the maiden demonstrations of the Marvel Superstars Trading Card game at GenCon 2009. We have multiple confirmed reports describing the gameplay. Mad grats to everyone who provided information, including Goku and Bliven at www.vssystem.org.

The seed information has been released, like a bliss virus into the gaming community. Here we go. This is what we will be playing for years to come. The actual card terms may not be completely accurate or final, but this is what we have learned.

You choose a Hero. This card might actually be a villain from the Marvel movies, but it will be your Hero for the game. Each Hero Card is placed on the board to start the game, and it has 50 points of defense. When your Hero reaches zero, you lose.

The two demonstration heroes are Wolverine and Iron Man.

X-Men vs. Avengers.


You build a deck to support your Hero. 50 cards of your choice. Each card is limited to 3 copies per deck. This deck will include Ally characters that you will recruit to fight alongside your Hero. It will include Action cards that cause direct changes to the battle. It will include Area cards that act as resources to pay for Allies and Actions.

When you build your deck, you may use cards that are keyed to a different team. If you play an Ally or Action from another team, you simply pay one extra resource point.

There is a main phase of each turn, followed by a combat phase, followed by another main phase.

You will only attack on your turn. When you attack the opposing Hero, you may be blocked. When a character is attacked, its allies can exhaust themselves to force the attack their way. The exhausted Ally card becomes the defender instead of the original target.

When you play an Action card to alter the game, your Hero gets a boost. One charge counter is added, and these counters are used to pay for the Hero card abilities.

You start the game with three Area cards in play. Each turn you can add one more Area card to your resource row.

That’s the basic game structure, and the details sound delicious. We will be back later with something keen about War Machine, for now you get one juicy truth.

There is a 2-drop Pepper Potts.

Honestly. There is a 2-drop Pepper Potts. Bliss virus released, good games straight ahead.




  1. Is that card for real Stu?

  2. Yes sir. That card is for real.

    The game is still in beta testing, so things could change, but that is official.

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