I’m an Iron Man, I’m a Wolverine.

August 24, 2009


From the first demonstrations at GenCon, to the interviews that followed, one thing is clear for the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game. The initial starter set will feature Iron Man vs. Wolverine.


How will these two ultimate luminaries of the Marvel Universe be incarnated in our new game? It looks simple enough; Iron Man locks and burns, while Wolverine rushes and heals.


That is the Wolverine Leader character card. Leaders begin the game with 50 endurance. When their total is spent, the game is over. Every time you play an action card, your Leader gains a charge counter. Removing two charge counters from Wolverine heals for five. There are also reports of an effect that gives +2 attack points to all Wolverine characters you control. That promises to be a mad rush toward total opponent destruction.

The Iron Man Leader character card does three direct damage when its charges are removed. Bombs away! Is that all Tony Stark can muster? Of course not. We also have word of a lockdown strategy in the form of exhaustion. Feast your eyes.


Exhausting a character stops it from attacking or intercepting. Locking a dude down for two whole turns is just nasty. A control player’s dream in a mighty metal suit.

There will be many, many other ways to play Marvel Superstars. These two strategies are just the beginning. Still, we have enough data to make an informed decision.

Are you an Iron Man, or a Wolverine?





  1. I am an Iron Fist! (Oh – wait, that’s not a choice…yet!)

    OK – if I HAVE TO pick…I guess I’m an Iron Man.

  2. Wolverine for the win. He goes berserk crazy with the 6 drop of his.

  3. You know what would be really cool? Winning a Marvel Superstars event. Win the chance to be an extra in a movie. Have a card representing the scene you’re an extra in. Then playing as yourself!

    Bringing out of body experiences to cardboard since 2010?

  4. Marvel Superstars: PUDDING FOR LIFE.

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