Girl Power.

August 29, 2009


The legion of lovely ladies found inside the modern myths of the Marvel movies is peeking around the corner. The future of the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game is coming into focus. We have seen the basic structure of the system, and it is time to speculate. How might some of our favorite superpowered female characters fit into their cardboard frames?

Storm started us off with a stare, and she usually shells an opponent with sheet lightning and showers. Her power to control the weather might shock other characters into submission, or she might conjure the wind and blow the entire board sideways to stop all attacks.


That is Callisto, and she is a Morlock. In the movies, she manifests her mental telephathy by finding and measuring mutants. And she is very, very fast. No one knows what she will do in the game, but maybe she could search the deck for a specific character card.


Rogue has always been my favorite female character in the comics. She is all about the extreme physical empathy. When she comes in direct skin contact with another superhero, she absorbs their powers and gets to use them for herself. She can totally relate. Her abilities in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card game might allow her to copy another effect and use powers that she didn’t have before.


Jean Grey filled with the Phoenix Force and became the femme fatale to end all in the film X-Men: Last Stand. When Marvel Superstars is released in February, she will probably be pretty pricey. Late in the game, no matter who is in the lead, there is a distinct possibility that there will be shattering global consequences to explode an entire opposing team. She might even take her own allies with her.

So far, no one knows for sure.  Right now we are just guessing about the cardboard incarnations of the girl superheroes of the Marvel movies. We cannot yet be certain what their abilities will look like, but it is beautiful fun to wonder while we wait.



  1. Callisto being “very, very fast” screams “unblockable” to me (presumably with low Power for her cost to keep her balanced).

  2. I can see that. I am very curious to see whether the game abilities mirror the movies exclusively, or whether we will get some comic book flavor that extends beyond the cinema.

  3. Anna Paquin? Sign me up. 🙂

  4. Will there be an online facet to this game or is that not revealed yet?

  5. Vern, we do not know the answer to that. Stay tuned to the blog for all the news first.

    Vs. System can be played on two of the Magic the Gathering unofficial online programs, and it seems to me that Marvel Superstars could easily be ported over if they don’t create an official online version.

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