World Championship Material.

August 31, 2009


One human player will be crowned as the World Champion of the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game. An entire team of superhuman allies will be responsible for the victory. Who will it be? One can only guess.

It might be a balanced group of abilities tuned to perfection by its cardboard pilot. The Fantastic Four should bring a varied menu of game powers and strategies to satisfy the cerebral among us.

Perhaps, on the other hand, our future Marvel Superstars World Champion might crush the field using sheer savage force with the Hulk and his rival Abomination.



A World Champion needs to keep his or her cool during a challenging gauntlet of opposing teams and strategies. With Pepper Potts by his side, Iron Man may be the perfect candidate for the job.


The Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game World Championship is very far in the future, and it will change an morph many times before it actually arrives. By the time it gets here, the many marvelous mutations of the X-Men legends may emerge as the most viable team in all the land. The years ahead will tell us which of our modern Marvel movie myths will end up on top.




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