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Creating Something From Nothing.

September 30, 2009






The lucky designers at Upper Deck Entertainment are perusing the archives at Fox Studios today, grabbing all the most premium screenshots they can find. When they get back to the office, they will finish creating the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game.

Soon we will have a new superheroic cardboard paradise in which to game our little hearts out. It will be something that did not exist before, and it will be very real.


Superstar Screenshot: Jessica Alba and Rob Liefeld.

September 29, 2009


Legendary Cardboard is honored to have cracked the WordPress Top 100 for the first time, and we are ecstatic to see the random synchronicity of the company that we are keeping at the present moment.

Who would have ever imagined that one day Jessica Alba and Rob Liefeld would be that close?


Impossible Dreams: Dr. Strange.

September 29, 2009

Dr. Strange4

Every once in a while here at Legendary Cardboard we like to wish for things that we will never get. Today is one of those days. has published some preliminary sketches of Dr. Strange on the Super Hero Squad show.

Chibi bliss released, must share.

Dr. Strange3

Unfortunately, the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game does not have a way to conjure the Sorceror Supreme. He is not appearing in a movie anytime in the foreseeable future.

Right now, Dr. Strange remains an impossible dream.

Dr. Strange2Dr. Strange


Deadpool Comes Alive.

September 27, 2009


Rob Liefeld did the first Deadpool in 1991. Now he is breaking big news about the Deadpool motion picture.  Since the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game is featuring the art and the mythology of the silver screen versions of each featured character, the intensity of this information is amplified exponentially.


Now we know that our cards will be donning the best mask in the business while he breaks the fourth wall and grabs us by the guts.  Rob Liefeld has dropped three major Deadpool movie bombshells that are detonating anticipation storms all over the world.

  • Deadpool will be wearing his costume in the movie.
  • Deadpool will be speaking directly to the audience, maintaining his comic book mastery of the fourth wall.
  • Cable may appear in a future X-Men film.


Yes, he said Cable. The time traveling fan favorite will eventually have a shot at a cardboard incarnation in Marvel Superstars. It is something that was not considered possible before last week, and we are happier than a kid in a candy (dead) pool to start preparing for it.

Thanks Rob Liefeld, here’s to the future!



What to Expect: Blade.

September 26, 2009


As we speak, the officers of Upper Deck Entertainment are designing and developing the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game. At this very moment, they are playing Sealed Pack and Draft formats to create the ultimate gaming experience. While we wait for the details, let’s turn back the clock and enjoy some of the films that are expected to be included. Starting in 1998, Marvel Comics mythology was translated into modern movie magic with Blade. Here is our favorite review, just imagine how this will be accomplished on cardboard.

If you like both vampire movies and action movies, then Blade is the ultimate in what you’re looking for. From the first battle sequence, Blade is packed full of violence and excellently choreographed martial arts type action. (Snipes is actually trained in a martial art, but I can’t remember which one.) The special effects are interesting, and the manner in which the vampires die (instantly shattering into a cloud of computer generated black dust) keep with the fast pace and techno atmosphere of the movie. Also interesting is the way in which vampire mythology is mixed with modern technology to give some degree of scientific credibility to the supernatural (e.g. treating a vampire’s aversion to garlic as an allergy instead of magic, and using an anti-coagulant to wreak havoc on a vampire’s circulatory system). Some nice twists.

While the horror element is rather light, one scene in the beginning is pretty freaky: a hapless human gets invited to a vampire nightclub, and suddenly, the fire sprinklers start spraying blood and everyone around him transforms… something that will make you think twice about going to strange raves.

-Andrew Manning

Radio Free Movie Reviews



Villain of the Week: Dr. Doom.

September 24, 2009


When it comes to plotting evil, one dude rules. He is Doom. Victor’s upcoming appearance in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game will surely involve sick schemes to completely control each battle. Since his middle name in the Marvel movie mythos is “Thwart”, I expect he will deny your opponent the ability to execute any given gameplan. If this is actually the case, defeating Doom will demand some serious muscle.


Busting big beats early and often may be the best antidote for the Doom archetype. Keeping him from getting his mode on should allow a path to victory that circumvents the diabolical designs. Although we have no evidence to support the official strategy on either side of this evil, we are certain that the Marvel Superstars competition will be fierce when this bad guy drops.

Hang on tight, the mask will be removed in a matter of months.



Extreme Speculation: Squirrel Girl.

September 19, 2009


The Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game will feature real humans dressed as imaginary superheroes. The images will be taken from the movies. Does that stop us from dreaming about our favorite obscure characters making an appearance in the future? Of course not.

Deadpool is being translated into a theatrical feature. Squirrel Girl is one of Deadpool’s favorite female foils in the comic books. It is not outside the realm of possibility that Doreen Green will get a cameo in the Deadpool film. For now, we only have random cosplay costumes from conventions and a bunch of bushy-tailed desire. Soon, we may have confirmation.

This is Extreme Speculation. Squirrel Girl, we want you!



Drawing by Emily.