First Announcement Since Disney Acquired Marvel.

September 2, 2009


Yesterday, The Disney Corporation purchased the rights to Marvel Comics. Today, the PlayMarvel page on Facebook had this announcement:

Stark Industries mainframe has crashed, freeing top secret preview video featuring Ben Seck answering YOUR questions. Uploading to mainframe tonight – full release coming tomorrow.

We have seen The Ben Seck in person. These are very exciting times. Tune in tomorrow for video coverage as soon as it breaks.



  1. Thank you for the picture. I laughed for a while. Great pic.

    Oh, Ben will be good too. 🙂

  2. Nice pic, though I suspect both Joe Q and Disney would prefer that cigar wasn’t there.

  3. Skrunucklemouse FTW!!

  4. Hi there, Bub! Have you seen Pluto? Don’t make me gut you, kay?

  5. Gambit, that is sick. I heard the squeaky voice when I read it.

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