Villain of the Week: Blackheart.

September 10, 2009


As the days march on toward the debut of the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game in February, we continue to groove on the guessing game. Each week until arrival there will be one Villain chosen for our showcase. Today we are going dark.


Blackheart is the main bad guy in the Ghost Rider movie. He has a handful of henchmen and a whole host of demons for support. He may actually be chosen as one of the Leader characters on the Villains team.


When it comes to strategy, Blackheart could punish opponents for making weak decisions. Or he might bring out a swarm of smaller characters to serve as his minions. Whichever way he goes in Marvel Superstars, his devilish grin would be a sight to behold.




  1. Blackheart is pure EVILLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

    He’s one the most powerful, vicious, and most VILLAINOUS devils of all!

    Blackheart is more like the Mistress of Evil herself, Maleficent. Even
    Jafar, those two both are alike. He could be like one of the Disney Villains, yeah, that’d be great!

    He’s so handsome, for a goth… villain.

  2. I’ll say this: He’s mostly one of the most dark villain ever as will as the Disney Villains. He’s handsome as Gaston. He’s more elegant as Maleficent and Jafar. He’s most sinster and cruel as Scar,Cruella De Vil,Prof.Ratigan,Ursula,Capt.Hook,Yzma,Frollo,and Hades(Even as Dr.Facilier) He’s…well,you got the idea. Sometimes,I’m starting to love his villain apperance.He maybe evil,but he’s…very beautiful for a villain. He could be the son of Mistress of Evil herself,Maleficent!

  3. No manches. Que miedo de ese guey.

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