Deadpool Done Differently.

September 16, 2009


With yesterday’s DVD release of Marvel Origins: Wolverine, the cinema adaptation of Wade Wilson is now fair game for Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game speculation. I will try not to spoil too many details, just in case you have not yet seen the film.

The character of Deadpool was altered drastically when it shifted from comic book continuity into movie mythology. Historically, the Merc with a Mouth was only given healing powers by the Weapon X project. When he reached the silver screen, he got a whole lot more.


Personally, I love Deadpool’s new abilities. If he gets a Marvel Superstars card, I hope he can be given the same effect of combining several different characters. Maybe they will be allies, or maybe they will be opponents. The “pool” turns into a party place when the storyline warps that wickedly. Soon it could be crystallized on cardboard. Here’s hoping.



  1. Cool!

  2. Marvel Origins: Wolverine was AWESOME.

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