Deadpool Comes Alive.

September 27, 2009


Rob Liefeld did the first Deadpool in 1991. Now he is breaking big news about the Deadpool motion picture.  Since the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game is featuring the art and the mythology of the silver screen versions of each featured character, the intensity of this information is amplified exponentially.


Now we know that our cards will be donning the best mask in the business while he breaks the fourth wall and grabs us by the guts.  Rob Liefeld has dropped three major Deadpool movie bombshells that are detonating anticipation storms all over the world.

  • Deadpool will be wearing his costume in the movie.
  • Deadpool will be speaking directly to the audience, maintaining his comic book mastery of the fourth wall.
  • Cable may appear in a future X-Men film.


Yes, he said Cable. The time traveling fan favorite will eventually have a shot at a cardboard incarnation in Marvel Superstars. It is something that was not considered possible before last week, and we are happier than a kid in a candy (dead) pool to start preparing for it.

Thanks Rob Liefeld, here’s to the future!




  1. Rob Liefeld just gave us a shout out on Twitter:


    Thanks again sir. For the recognition, and for the Deadpool.

  2. dear mr fike i love your marvel superstars page

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