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First Two Marvel Premier Leaders Announced.

October 28, 2009


The beatdown is on. When the Marvel Premier expansion set of Marvel Superstars hits the streets in February, two of its Leader characters will be smashing face big time. We already knew that Wolverine and Iron Man will be battling for control of the Starter Set. Now we are sure about an Avenger and a Villain.

Before we reveal the shocking revelation for the bad guys, let’s check out the official Upper Deck explanation of the Leader mechanic.

Your leader is the Superhero™ identity you assume during a game. Your leader belongs to a team, but that doesn’t restrict who you can challenge in a game. For example, an Avengers leader can challenge another Avengers leader or a leader from any other team.

Each leader has 50 health. If your leader accumulates damage greater than or equal to its health, it’s eliminated and you’re out of the game.

Your leader can attack and intercept enemy characters. Your leader starts with no force (the amount of damage it deals in a fight), but each city you build gives it +1 force on your turn.

Every time you play an action, charge your leader. Charges can be represented by counters or dice.

Each leader has a power that lets you remove a number of its charges for a result. The number is before the (arrow) and the result is after it. You can only use a power on your own turn, and only once per turn.

So you can see how important the Leaders are in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game. They will spell the difference between victory and defeat. What monstrous evil will be spearheading one strategy for the Villains team?

It’s an Abomination!



Squirrel Girl appearing in the Deadpool movie?

October 25, 2009


Squirrel Girl will make a cameo appearance in the upcoming Deadpool movie. That is the rumor swirling around the internet, although we have not been able to find any evidence to confirm it. The only photograph of a potential film version of Doreen Green is RabidPotato’s prototype costume shown above.

However far-fetched the movie speculation may be, Joe Quesada just spilled some spicy beans about Squirrel Girl’s potential role in Marvel Comics’ biggest storyline in an interview with Comic Book Resources.

Kiel Phegley: The boards have been seeing a lot of traffic since the announcements at the Retailer Summit and that comes with a lot of questions. One of the most prominent discussions has revolved around the mystery character Norman Osborn has used to keep the Cabal in line and who that could be, with board member Monty_Cristo echoing a lot of people with, “I keep saying it and people keep ignoring me. Osborn’s in power because of Spider-man’s deal with Mephisto. I thought it was a no-brainer,” while others have started to expect Marvelman to pop up during “Siege.” Between the devil and the big blue Brit, how close are fans to guessing the shadowy figure, and what role will that character play in “Siege?”

Joe Quesada: It’s actually Squirrel Girl, sorry to have to spoil it for everyone.


Whether Quesada’s tongue-in-cheek revelation is only a fluffy-tailed joke or not, the rumors of a movie version are surely simple fanboy speculation. The only thing we know for certain is that we got Squirrel Girl included in the Vs. System Trading Card Game. Everything else is gossip and gravy.



Alter Egos: Wolverine.

October 21, 2009


With the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game staring us in the face from the future, we are already plotting and scheming about wild and wacky deck names. Since the images will be taken from the cinematic interpretations of each character, we have some rather fertile fodder. You see, Hugh Jackman has also been many other dudes in the movies. We will be able to build a Drover deck and drive them cheeky bulls all the way to the World Championship.


If Australia is not your bag, perhaps a Tesla coil and a rabbit in a hat will suit your nicknaming tastes. Prestigious archetypes using the Wolverine hero card could be cloning Angier in different spots around the globe very soon.


For me, that is still too tricky. I am all about the love. Our man Wolverine is hilarious and hearwarming as the Duke of Albany. Therefore, my first claw deck will be something about Leopold and sweet creamery butter. Bring it!



Impossible Dreams: X-Babies.

October 15, 2009




I don’t know about you, but I really dig the Chibi stuff. X-Babies #1 hit the comic book shops last week and I have been bouncing around the living room with my favorite mini-mutants ever since. The biggest bonus included with the little superheroes was the reprinting of the original incarnation from 1988. It’s a beautiful thing.

There are no plans to create an X-Babies film yet. It seems an impossible dream, although the Disney/Marvel merger might actually open a tiny crack of potential shining backward from the future. For now, we can only imagine a day when these terrific tikes might appear in the Marvel Superstars game just as they did in Vs. System.



One year after that article created a new deck archetype that would become a major force in the game, Upper Deck honored it with its own card.



Baby steps, and small victories…


The 262: That Unguessable Force.

October 14, 2009


I love that page. Galactus is so big, so bad, and so hungry that each creature sees him differently. Galactus got a Marvel movie with his ambiguous self, so he has a chance to appear in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game. Whether he should or not is a different question.


Once upon a time, Reed Richards had the power to eliminate Galactus once and for all. Kinda like the designers of the Marvel Superstars Trading Game are doing right now. Mr. Fantastic chose to let him live. He decided to include Galactus in the future of the Universe.

Well, since Reed let Galactus live, and since Galactus proceeded to gobble another planet full of Kree citizens, the brilliant scientist was charged with mass murder. And it just so happens to have occured in Fantastic Four #262.

262 is the magic number for Marvel Superstars. We are still left guessing its significance, but the synchroncities are piling up fast.


Feverish for the Females.

October 13, 2009


The girls are on their way. One thing we know for sure about the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game is the strategic presence of a flavorful assortment of superheroic females transferred from celluloid to cardboard.

Which are you looking most forward to? Emma Frost and Kayla Silverfox?


Ghost Rider’s girlfriend?


Pepper Potts?


Kitty Pryde?




My personal pick is Rogue. I simply cannot wait to turn her cardboard incarnation sideways in a whole new game. Hurry up, Marvel Superstars. We are starting to break a sweat.