The 262: That Unguessable Force.

October 14, 2009


I love that page. Galactus is so big, so bad, and so hungry that each creature sees him differently. Galactus got a Marvel movie with his ambiguous self, so he has a chance to appear in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game. Whether he should or not is a different question.


Once upon a time, Reed Richards had the power to eliminate Galactus once and for all. Kinda like the designers of the Marvel Superstars Trading Game are doing right now. Mr. Fantastic chose to let him live. He decided to include Galactus in the future of the Universe.

Well, since Reed let Galactus live, and since Galactus proceeded to gobble another planet full of Kree citizens, the brilliant scientist was charged with mass murder. And it just so happens to have occured in Fantastic Four #262.

262 is the magic number for Marvel Superstars. We are still left guessing its significance, but the synchroncities are piling up fast.


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