Impossible Dreams: X-Babies.

October 15, 2009




I don’t know about you, but I really dig the Chibi stuff. X-Babies #1 hit the comic book shops last week and I have been bouncing around the living room with my favorite mini-mutants ever since. The biggest bonus included with the little superheroes was the reprinting of the original incarnation from 1988. It’s a beautiful thing.

There are no plans to create an X-Babies film yet. It seems an impossible dream, although the Disney/Marvel merger might actually open a tiny crack of potential shining backward from the future. For now, we can only imagine a day when these terrific tikes might appear in the Marvel Superstars game just as they did in Vs. System.



One year after that article created a new deck archetype that would become a major force in the game, Upper Deck honored it with its own card.



Baby steps, and small victories…


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  1. love it!

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