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Mark Your Calendar.

November 30, 2009

It is about to begin. Here is the official timetable for Marvel Superstars, from the offices of Upper Deck:

Scheduled for late February, first up will be the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game: Iron Man vs. Wolverine Starter Set. Ripped straight from the blockbuster movies Iron Man and X-Men this set contains two 30-card starter decks that contain everything TCG enthusiasts need to play, including exclusive game tokens and four exclusive cards that won’t be found inside any future expansion. The 60-card starter set will retail for $9.99. 

The next launch is slated for March and will consist of a 262-card booster set entitled Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game: Premiere Edition Booster. Based on Marvel movies including Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men and Fantastic Four, this TCG will allow collectors to play this action-packed game right away. Gamers will be able to increase the power of their strategies with cards from Premiere Edition, including exclusive Super Rares. Each 20-card booster pack will retail for $3.99 and will allow players to augment their decks with new characters and actions.

The Marvel Superstars TCG will also see expansions releasing in May, including an Iron Man 2 – themed Starter Deck and the first expansion booster release.


Superstars Card Back Revealed!

November 17, 2009

Yes dear friends, that is official. We know the graphic design that will be a huge part of our lives for years to come. All cards from the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game will have that image on the back.

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.


The Line-up is Set.

November 16, 2009


The waiting and wondering is over. Our eyes have seen the glory of the full line-up of Leader characters for the inaugural set of the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game, and it is good. We have a Halle Berry.


Zap! Storm is joining Wolverine and Professor X as the first Leaders of the X-Men team affiliation.


Ouch! Ghost Rider burned a path to the final Marvel Knights spot on the Leader list. Hot times ahead.


How perfect! Mr. Fantastic will be joining his invisible mate as a Leader in the Marvel Premier set, which means that the Avengers will be left with only Hulk and Iron Man to represent.

Wow. The line-up is set, and it is simply magnificent. Here are the final 15 announced Leader characters. Get ready for a cardboard party unlike anything mankind has ever seen:

Avengers: Hulk and Iron Man

Fantastic Four: All four.

Marvel Knights: Blade, Elektra, and Ghost Rider.

X-Men: Professor Xavier, Storm, and Wolverine.

Villains: Abomination, Dr. Doom, and Magneto.


Our Odds for the Final Four.

November 14, 2009


With only four slots left on the list of the 15 original Marvel Superstars Leader characters to fill, we have our own wishes to reveal. As always with Legendary Cardboard, some of them are seductive underdogs that we would be crazy to actually hope for.

When calculating the odds on the inclusion of our desired final four, we made the assumption that each of the five teams would be give three different leaders in the Marvel Premier expansion set. With three Villains, two Avengers, two X-Men, two Fantastic Four, and two Marvel Knights already announced, it seems that there may be one more character chosen from each of the hero teams. These are our druthers, with some opinions about the chance of seeing them as mainstays in the intitial boxes. We are fairly sure that each of these myths will be represented by at least one supporter card, might they actually be Leaders?


Pepper Potts 20-1

Gwyneth Paltrow’s glimmering gal pal is going to get some serious action in the Iron Man 2 movie, but she probably didn’t have enough oomph in the first film. If they actually balance the teams with three leaders each they will need to find an Avenger other than Hulk and Iron Man, so she does have a hint of hope, but probably not gonna happen.


Rogue 20-1

Even though Anna Paquin is absorbing enormous amounts of popularity as a vampire right now, her role in the X-Men films may not be enough to make her a Leader character. Rogue has always been our favorite mutant, so we are taking the gloves off and crossing our fingers.


Invisible Woman 3-1

Jessica Alba seems like a sure thing, but her Leader character has not been announced yet. If the first set contains three per team, her inclusion would leave out Mr. Fantastic. Perhaps the Villains team will get more leaders than the heroes, or maybe the initial offering will have a “Fantastic Three”. We shall see.


Ghost Rider 2-1

The flaming skull may be a shoe-in if there are three leaders per team. With Elektra already representing the ninja side of Marvel Knights, Daredevil could be left looking for a future set to become a Leader character. The suspense is burning a hole in our heads, but it sure is fun to speculate while we wait.


All the Leaders We Know.

November 12, 2009


The Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game will elevate certain myths above the rest. These will be called Leader characters and they will be the basis for your personal strategy. So far we have learned the identity of eleven out of fifteen leaders in the inaugural Marvel Premiere set. Today we will run down the list and flash a bit of eye candy to get you all excited. As you can see above, the rivalry between Professor X and Magneto will be renewed on Legendary Cardboard…


Hulk and Abomination will be shaking card tables near you…


Iron Man soon shall soar in a whole new stratosphere…


Wolverine will be ripping shreds in enemy trading cards everywhere…


Human torch will be setting things ablaze…


Elektra will be roundhousing on your very own kitchen table…


Blade will be avenging demons in tournament halls…


Dr. Doom will be getting diabolical, while Thing clobbers some cardboard of his own. Pick your Leader Character and get ready to swing on some enemies, Marvel Superstars has a lively list of legends lined up to choose from with five more left to be announced. Cardboard combat will never be the same again.


Radical Resources with a Masterful Mulligan.

November 6, 2009
When the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game hits the streets in February, it will have its own place in history. If you have ever played a TCG that uses a resource system, it will feel just like home. We will be setting our victories in the mythological realm of the Marvel movies. The locations we know and love from our favorite films will come to life in a whole new cardboard way.
We may be battling in the back alley with Gambit.
We could be freeing Emma Frost from her mutant holding pen.
We might even be getting messy with Blade in the Bloodbath Rave Room.  
These places will provide a form of currency in the game, serving as resources that allow us to purchase characters and actions.  Here are the official rules:
D. Resources

Resource costs are represented by a number within a resource cost symbol. You pay a resource cost by exhausting (turning sideways) that many resources. For example, a supporter that you must exhaust two resources to play will have a 2 in its upper right corner, and a power that you must exhaust two resources to use will have a (2) as part of its cost.

You start the game with three base resources on your side. Once on each of your turns, you can build a resource from your hand. When you build a resource, it joins your side ready.

All the city resources in this Starter box have the power “Your leader has +1 [force] on your turn.” On enemy turns, your leader does not gain any force from your cities.

With any game based on payment costs like this, it is imperative that you are able to access enough resource cards to place on the board so you can afford your win conditions. Being stuck with no resources can severely cramp your style. Therefore, Marvel Superstars will have two radically new mechanics in place to optimize gameplay. You will start the game with three base resources, so you will always be able to afford low-cost plays. And the master Matt Hyra has invented a mulligan that will be ideal.

The Marvel Superstars Mulligan: Draw seven cards. If you wish to mulligan, you may reveal any number of resources from your hand and place them aside to keep in your hand. Shuffle the remaining cards into your deck and draw until your hand reaches seven again.

This will go a long way toward creating optimal gameplay by assuring plenty of resources to start each match. Which actual locations will we be utilizing with this masterful mulligan? Who knows, we might even be dancing on the rim of an exploding nuclear reactor facing Deadpool unable to scream.

That would be a radical resource.




Ready For Action?

November 5, 2009


The vast stable of Marvel motion pictures are the epitome of the word “action”. When our favorite superhero movies are translated across to the cardboard world of the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game, this concept will go exponential. As you play, you will choose a Leader character to base your strategy upon. Then you will add Supporters, in the form of additional versions of your Leader or totally different heroes and villains. Characters can only be played on your turn, so what is a legend to do when the enemy has the intitiative? Action cards!


This is the official wording from the Marvel Superstars starter set:

C. Actions

Actions represent the skills of your leader and events in the Marvel universe. They are the only type of card that can be played on an enemy turn.

When you play an action, it joins your side. As it does, charge your leader, follow the action’s instructions, and then eliminate it.

The type lines of some actions have the additional word “special.” Such actions benefit a specific character. They are easiest to use if that character is your leader.

So there you have it. Action cards are the only possible play on an enemy turn. This will demand deckbuilding finesse and spectacular strategic thinking. Some action cards will be especially suited to correspond to a particular Leader, and we have learned two more of their identities. Get ready, we will soon be building decks around Dr. Doom and Human Torch.

Hot times ahead.