Elektra is a Leader, and she has some serious support.

November 4, 2009


Yes indeed it is true. Jennifer Garner will be available to build your deck around. Elektra Natchios has been revealed as one of the first fifteen Leader Characters in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game. Strategy sessions will never be the same.



The smoldering crimson ninja will not be required to defeat her cardboard foes singlehandedly, however. She will have support in the form of several different versions of herself and a slew of significant other characters from the Marvel movies. Here is the official text from Upper Deck introducing Supporters:

Supporter Characters

As a game progresses, you can call supporters to your side. Like leaders, supporters can attack and intercept enemy characters. In addition to the cost in its upper right corner, each supporter has: A health value above and to the right of its text box. If a supporter accumulates damage equal to or greater than its health, it’s eliminated. A force value to the left of its health, which is the amount of damage it deals in a fight.


It remains to be seen how many separate versions of Elektra we will be turning sideways on our kitchen tables and tournament halls. We can only guess which superheroes will show up to battle by her side. For now, we are simply basking in the red glow of her Superstar status. Elektra is a Leader.


One comment

  1. I’d follow Elektra anywhere she wants to lead me.

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