Ready For Action?

November 5, 2009


The vast stable of Marvel motion pictures are the epitome of the word “action”. When our favorite superhero movies are translated across to the cardboard world of the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game, this concept will go exponential. As you play, you will choose a Leader character to base your strategy upon. Then you will add Supporters, in the form of additional versions of your Leader or totally different heroes and villains. Characters can only be played on your turn, so what is a legend to do when the enemy has the intitiative? Action cards!


This is the official wording from the Marvel Superstars starter set:

C. Actions

Actions represent the skills of your leader and events in the Marvel universe. They are the only type of card that can be played on an enemy turn.

When you play an action, it joins your side. As it does, charge your leader, follow the action’s instructions, and then eliminate it.

The type lines of some actions have the additional word “special.” Such actions benefit a specific character. They are easiest to use if that character is your leader.

So there you have it. Action cards are the only possible play on an enemy turn. This will demand deckbuilding finesse and spectacular strategic thinking. Some action cards will be especially suited to correspond to a particular Leader, and we have learned two more of their identities. Get ready, we will soon be building decks around Dr. Doom and Human Torch.

Hot times ahead.




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