All the Leaders We Know.

November 12, 2009


The Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game will elevate certain myths above the rest. These will be called Leader characters and they will be the basis for your personal strategy. So far we have learned the identity of eleven out of fifteen leaders in the inaugural Marvel Premiere set. Today we will run down the list and flash a bit of eye candy to get you all excited. As you can see above, the rivalry between Professor X and Magneto will be renewed on Legendary Cardboard…


Hulk and Abomination will be shaking card tables near you…


Iron Man soon shall soar in a whole new stratosphere…


Wolverine will be ripping shreds in enemy trading cards everywhere…


Human torch will be setting things ablaze…


Elektra will be roundhousing on your very own kitchen table…


Blade will be avenging demons in tournament halls…


Dr. Doom will be getting diabolical, while Thing clobbers some cardboard of his own. Pick your Leader Character and get ready to swing on some enemies, Marvel Superstars has a lively list of legends lined up to choose from with five more left to be announced. Cardboard combat will never be the same again.



  1. I really hope they make a card using that first image with Prof X and Magneto; that was one of my favorite scenes in the first X-Men movie.

  2. That was a great scene. The card could be “What will you do, Charles?”

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