Our Odds for the Final Four.

November 14, 2009


With only four slots left on the list of the 15 original Marvel Superstars Leader characters to fill, we have our own wishes to reveal. As always with Legendary Cardboard, some of them are seductive underdogs that we would be crazy to actually hope for.

When calculating the odds on the inclusion of our desired final four, we made the assumption that each of the five teams would be give three different leaders in the Marvel Premier expansion set. With three Villains, two Avengers, two X-Men, two Fantastic Four, and two Marvel Knights already announced, it seems that there may be one more character chosen from each of the hero teams. These are our druthers, with some opinions about the chance of seeing them as mainstays in the intitial boxes. We are fairly sure that each of these myths will be represented by at least one supporter card, might they actually be Leaders?


Pepper Potts 20-1

Gwyneth Paltrow’s glimmering gal pal is going to get some serious action in the Iron Man 2 movie, but she probably didn’t have enough oomph in the first film. If they actually balance the teams with three leaders each they will need to find an Avenger other than Hulk and Iron Man, so she does have a hint of hope, but probably not gonna happen.


Rogue 20-1

Even though Anna Paquin is absorbing enormous amounts of popularity as a vampire right now, her role in the X-Men films may not be enough to make her a Leader character. Rogue has always been our favorite mutant, so we are taking the gloves off and crossing our fingers.


Invisible Woman 3-1

Jessica Alba seems like a sure thing, but her Leader character has not been announced yet. If the first set contains three per team, her inclusion would leave out Mr. Fantastic. Perhaps the Villains team will get more leaders than the heroes, or maybe the initial offering will have a “Fantastic Three”. We shall see.


Ghost Rider 2-1

The flaming skull may be a shoe-in if there are three leaders per team. With Elektra already representing the ninja side of Marvel Knights, Daredevil could be left looking for a future set to become a Leader character. The suspense is burning a hole in our heads, but it sure is fun to speculate while we wait.


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