The Leader We Can’t Wait For.

December 11, 2009

The fire has been lit. When Upper Deck announced that Storm would be one of the first fifteen Leader Characters in the upcoming Marvel Superstars trading card game, it began burning a hole in our brains.

We do not know what her ability will be. We have no clue whether her strategy will be based on zapping bolts of direct damage or sweeping whirlwinds of control.  We only know one thing. Her cards are gonna look awful good. Turning Halle Berry sideways FTW.



  1. I will not make an inappropriate joke about turning Halle Berry sideways – oops.

  2. Maybe we should explain, for any readers who have never played a trading card game.

    Starting with Magic the Gathering, cards were turned sideways on the board to indicate that they had already been “used”. In Magic, this is called tapping. In Vs. System, this is called exhausting.

    Soon we will be doing those things with Storm!

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