The boxes have been seen.

January 11, 2010


Fresh off the press, from an article in Game Trade Magazine. After your eyes are full, check out the new words by Ben Seck:

Arriving in March is the long-awaited release of Upper Deck’s latest TCG, Marvel Superstars. This game features the red-hot movie properties of the Marvel Universe, including Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and the X-Men series of movies. This game has been created to be fast-paced, fun and challenging, one that is equally fun in a casual setting at home, as it is at a game store. One of the most striking features of the game is its unprecedented “widescreen” format, which takes full advantage of the crisp images taken straight from the films.

When playing the game, each player chooses an iconic hero or villain to be the leader of their team, and customizes their deck and strategy to revolve around that character. Each deck includes a number of supporting heroes that assist the player’s chosen leader, who also is armed with an arsenal of awesome action cards in which to defeat his or her opponent. This game is going to be supported to the hilt by Upper Deck with strong Organized Play support, as well as an all-encompassing retail and player support program that will make everyone who participates in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game an integral part of a greater community.

The first booster release – called “Premiere Edition” – features images from more than a dozen Marvel movies and will be released with an introductory two-player Starter Deck, which will be supplemented by a 260-plus card booster set. To follow up the launch of this game, two more releases will be forthcoming before June: a set of “Hero Decks” which allow the players to use characters from the Iron Man 2 Movie as well as the first expansion to the game (which has yet to be named).

The boxes look bold, the system sounds spectacular. The official new mothership website is poised and ready for life later today, stay tuned to this station for updates.

Very exciting times.



  1. i cant wait!!!!!!!!

  2. Game on!!! March can’t get here soon enough! Any word on the release of the online demo?

  3. No word yet. The new mothership is slated to go live tomorrow…

  4. In best Shang Tsung voice: It has begun!

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