Start Spreading The News.

January 14, 2010

The future is here now. PlayMarvel.com is operational. The Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game is taking shape, and there is some very explosive news to share about the cardboard incarnation of Iron Man 2. Hang on tight. Here we go.

The picture above displays the first starter set. We will get our hands on that in March. It will contain everything you need to dive into Marvel Superstars with a friend. Two 30-card decks, rulebook, exclusive premium cards, and special game tokens. We have no specific information about those “tokens”, but we assume that they will be some sort of health counters.

The starter set will pit Iron Man against Wolverine. It remains to be seen what other characters are joining the fray. The 30-card decks are not full-sized for the Constructed format, and that’s where the revelation begins.

In May, Upper Deck is releasing a set of three Iron Man 2 “Hero decks”. These will be full 54-card Constructed decks that are ready to battle straight out of the box. They will feature the main myths from the new movie, and they will be a blast.

One will be Iron Man. One will be Whiplash. And, most thrilling of all, one will be War Machine.

Such a delicious scoop. War Machine will be a Leader character in charge of his own full-sized preconstructed Marvel Superstars deck. That, my friends, is hot information for the trading card game industry.

We need to cool off before we melt down, but we will depart with a bit more from the Iron Man 2 movie. A kiss for luck and we’re on our way. We’ve only just begun…


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