Basic Superstars: Deckbuilding.

January 15, 2010

The Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game is still two months away from its initial release, but we have enough details to form a skeleton. This is how deckbuilding works.

You will create a unique combination totalling 54 cards. One card will be your Leader character. Three cards will be your base resources. Those four cards will start each game in play. The other 50 cards in your deck can be anything you want, but only 3 of each card are permitted.

That Doom right there is one example of a Leader character. Leaders start the game with 50 Health points. When that total reaches zero, Game Over.

For the 50 cards you choose to enhance your Leader, there will be Supporters and Actions and Resources. The optimal ratio has yet to be seen. That’s the thrill of building a deck in a trading card game, deciding what numbers you like best.

Jessica Alba is a Supporter…

Repulsor Ray is an Action…

New York is a Resource.

We don’t know enough about what all the cards do or exactly how the game plays to actually start making lists yet, but those are the basics. Deckbuilding is one of the most entertaining hobby activities in the world. Please join us for the future of trading card game construction methods as Marvel Superstars comes into focus.



  1. Ya know what? I am so geeked I am already going to fire up a decklist, starting with the two cards I currently think will fit.

    Leader: Blade
    Resources: New York X at Least 1.

    This is cool. Since I’ll start with three resources in play, will running one of certain resources be the norm? Fun stuff.

  2. Unless a swarm deck is the desired effect, maxing resources X 3 will probably be the way to go.

    I am praying for a Miami card…

  3. Cities are unlimited. You can have any number in your deck.

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