Wanna Go First?

January 20, 2010

That is the old-school low-tech Iron Man suit that Tony Stark built in the desert. Yesterday on the mothership, we learned that it will get a cardboard incarnation in Marvel Superstars that packs a mighty punch. It can swing for six on turn one. Big beats, indeed.

Going first seems to be the aggressive approach in this game. Your enemy will not be able to play any Supporters to intercept. You will get a free shot on the opposing Leader with every character you control. Rush players drool at the idea, but beatdown beware. The player who goes second may have some sick early Action tricks lying in the weeds. Since the player who goes first draws one less card at the beginning of the game, the fast attack tack may have quite a few drawbacks. It remains to be seen what kind of alternative strategies will be keen. The anticipation is making us fiends.


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