More Superstars Spoiled!

January 22, 2010

Pure niceness. We just now randomly found that image on the Urban Collector website. First peek at Elektra, Ghost Rider, Knock Out,  X-Men United, and…

The End of Days.

Strain your eyes to read the text, but I doubt it will do much good. Nevertheless, it is. Pure niceness.

Especially with the proof of the existence of 1-cost Supporters. Swarm on!



  1. Garrr!!! Just small enough to not be able to read.

    Like the Marvel Knights images though. 🙂

  2. Indeed. This is the first time we have seen that frame ever. It is loud, and it will be intense to see a Villains/Knights match. Green on Red FTW.

  3. BREAKING NEWS: Vylokx has heroically squinted his eyes and saved the world! Three of these cards are simply insane.

    Knock Out: “To play this, exhaust your leader. Eliminate target attacking supporter”.

    X-Men United: “Draw a card for each different name among characters you control.”

    The End Of Days: “Play only on your turn. Eliminate all supporters.”

    Wow. Wow. Wow. This deserves a whole article. Meet me on the front page tomorrow!

  4. Pretty much figured out all of them aside from a few numbers, so here’s a few more exclusives for your next blog post:

    “Iron Man (Leader): 2* Charges -> This Fight, target supporter has +3*@.” *Could be a slightly different number

    “Elektra: Pay (1) -> If I would be eliminated this turn, put me on top of owner’s deck instead”

    “Ghost Rider: When I’m eliminated, I deal 4 damage to target character”

    Wolverine seems unchanged since Gencon. “2 Charges to heal 5 from target Wolverine”

    Pretty sweet, huh?

  5. Sweeter than honey.

    Thank you so much!

  6. now if you can get the card numbers that’d be magical.

  7. It seems like Torch says:

    “When a Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman or Thing joins your side, I deal 2 damage to target character.”

  8. Hell to the yeah, this is Human Torch hot. This is Jennifer Garner in the Elektra outfit hot.

  9. Knockout = what Overload should have been? Even better since no pumps required. 🙂

    End of days… seems that games must end pretty quick. Start with 3 resources, so basically turn 5, you can eliminate your opponent’s field.

    Have a savings account started for this. 🙂

  10. End of Days:

    Note that it says ‘All Supporters’.

    That’s both yours and your opponents.


  11. Indeed, it is a wicked effect. Can’t wait to start clearing boards!

  12. All supporters, have to fine tune the reading skills again, been too long since I played.

    As far as juggling too many things at work, sounds like fun time with FCAT. Good luck Stu.

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