Tony Stark Is Upgrading The Professor X Wheelchair.

January 26, 2010

The Marvel Supertars Trading Card Game is gaining speed like a shiny bald-headed mutant master snowballing down the hill of the entire planet. We just learned of the Professor X Leader character ability while grooving on a glorious introductory study of each team’s flavor, written masterfully by the one and only Ben Stoll.

Reality will never be the same.

That sight of that card was sweet music to the ears of any gamer who seeks to swarm the field with scads of tiny minions, unleashing a horde of underdog tiny terrors against any unsupecting muscle-bound Goliath who may get in the way. Weenie warriors went wild.

Then the ante was upped exponentially. Tony Stark is ready to join forces with Charles Xavier in ways we never thought would be real.

This is not a joke. These cards are official. Look at how loopy the X-Men Leader gets with that crazy capitalist charge-puppy. Sure, Iron Man costs one extra resource without another Avenger in play, but wait. Dropping an Action charges Professor X. Then the Leader ability brings Tony to the table on the cheap. The rest is fresh history.

Tony Stark will be working to upgrade the Professor X wheelchair. For real. Marvel Superstars is a trip. Already.



  1. Hmmm, Can you take off 2 charges to make it cost 2 less? Need more game info.

  2. No, you can only use a Leader ability once per turn, and only on your turn. Action cards are the only thing that can be played on an opponent’s turn, and all activated abilities can only be used once per turn.

  3. I like the combination, especially because it isn’t too excessive. You only need Tony out a turn or two, and swarm a bit to get enough charge counters to last you the rest of the game. Unless you are going for effects like the Avengers that count your charge counters, you can just recruit a few character, and be able to get a “free” resource each turn to press out your small guys.

  4. I like the sound of this deck already. Pack 3x Businessman and as many 1 and 2 X-Men drops as possible. On the first turn you can lay down an Iron Man – Businessman to set the swarm in motion. Lay your City resource and follow him up with a 2 drop to gain a charge, then use that charge to drop a “free” 1 drop. Next turn lay another city resource and play ‘X-Men United’ to add another charge AND fill your hand back up for each different name on your side then continue the 1 drop swarm assault! Drop occasional board pumps like Cyclops (+1 to your supporters, according to the last article) and, appropriately enough, finish with a huge Wolverine – Finisher. Your opponent will be praying to live long enough to ‘End of Days’ and turn the game around.

    That’s some great stuff, and we still have a ton of set left to spoil. I’m chomping at the bit for those demo decks so I can really get a feel for the game in action.

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