Shuffling The Archetypes.

January 27, 2010


Humans tell stories. These tales share common content across both temporal and cultural divides. Myths arise from the collective unconscious of the entire species, then flower in the fertile ground of generational legend. Comic book superheroes continue this tradition exponentially.

Ghost Rider is a character created in 1972 by Roy Thomas, Gary Fredreich, and Mike Ploog. Marvel Comics was looking for an edgy new legend. A guy with a flaming skull riding a hopped-up motorcycle flailing heavy metal chains did the trick. It was a modern myth that quickly caught fire and engulfed the entire world.

In 2007, Ghost Rider made it all the way to the silver screen. Mark Steven Johnson had taken the archetype and studded it with some ancient flavors. He allowed Johnny Blaze to prevent The End of Days.

Blackheart’s master plan is now being upgraded on cardboard in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game. The End Of Days eliminates all supporters from the board in one fell swoop. This is one of the most powerful card archetypes in gaming history. It provides an ominous answer to the spectre of enemy swarms. It promises to nuke the mightiest of late-game muscle. It may be called The End Of Days, but it is a blindingly bright beginning to an amazing new game.


One comment

  1. Also worth mentioning is that, according to official word on the PlayMarvel Facebook page, the copy of End of Days shown here is a bit out of date. The current version actually has the “Play on your turn” restriction lifted, so you can pass your turn with 8 open resources and wait for your opponent to drop their biggest supporter yet, or a few more weenies, then respond with a complete board wipe! Lesson learned: If you see a villain with 8 open resources, you might want to use this turn a wisely and hit them with a few strong actions (maybe some heavy discard to ruin their evil plan). Doom vs. Magneto promises to be one intense battle of the mind. Strategy and counter-strategy for this game is already super-exciting, and I can’t wait to see the next bomb!

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