Alter Egos: Obadiah Stane.

February 3, 2010

That card is simply amazing. If you are itching to build a Marvel Superstars deck jam-packed with different versions of your all-time favorite character, the spotlight will be shining on you. Don’t take my word for it, check out Jaron “Vylokx” Tomsky on the Play Marvel Facebook page:

Media Darling is cheaper than X-Men United, and will be easier to build a deck around with the rule that allows you to play any number of supporters that match your leader. The article is also interesting in how it explains the mechanics of responding, and the lack of a degenerative denial strategy.

What article? Click here to find out. Dan Scheidegger has mapped out our journey to cardboard paradise. The Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game is packing more fun per punch than any game before. Make sure you are on board, this ride is headed for the stars.

But who is that standing next to Tony Stark on the Media Darling card? In the Iron Man movie he was Obadiah Stane, but he will always be The Dude to me.

Jeff Bridges will probably play a big role in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game for the Villains team, he already has been revealed on the Media Darling card, and he also has previous superpowers for use in nicknaming decks. Remember Starman?

Well, maybe not. I bet you remember this one. Especially since it is receiving a fresh new re-make and has already been immortalized in the Kingdom Hearts video game. Get ready for some Tron decks!

Jeff Bridges is the favorite to take home the Best Actor Oscar at the Academy Awards this year. As Obadiah Stane, he is already a winner in Marvel Superstars.


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