Marvel Knights Week: First Confirmed Super-Rare Included.

February 7, 2010

Welcome to Marvel Knights Week. Make sure you check out the kick-off article on the mothership, and fire up that DVD player. We will be taking nominations for The Best Marvel Knights Movie Moment. Describe the scene and explain why you love it. Choose as many moments as you wish.

All choices will be entered into the Legendary Cardboard contest hat. One participant, chosen at random, will be honored as the winning champion of The Best Marvel Knights Movie Moment. Prizes have yet to be determined, but once the game is released it will be something good!

Before you start splattering hyperbole toward the darkness, check out the card above. See that little “S” that follows Daredevil’s card number? That means he is a Super-Rare. The first one we have ever seen close-up. What a wicked way to start the week.



  1. If the Super-Rares are limited to being mostly (if not all) cards with high (in game) costs, that will definitely take a bit of the sting out of having a fourth rarity. I would also be okay with some cheaper special actions, as the character restriction would make them more limited in their use.

    Although a low cost, universally useful card in the Super Rare slot would probably cause some heartburn.

  2. As far as favorite scenes go, I think it would have to be from Punisher: War Zone. I love the rocket blowing up a guy as he’s leaping acrobatically from roof to roof, and I love the scene where the one bad guy lands on a fence just before Frank lands on the guys neck, breaking both his fall, and the guys neck, in the process.

  3. ^ That was going to be my favorite one also. 🙂

  4. I would definitely have to go with the entire “House of Pain” scene from Blade II. From the initial shot of Blade and his motley crew of unwilling Bloodpack allies heading inside while fully armed to the teeth, accompanied perfectly by Mos Def’s “I Against I”, the audience can just sense that they are in for some pure bad-ass cinema.

    Guillermo Del Toro’s imagination is fully unleashed as glimpses of the grotesque vampire behavior one would expect from this den of evil are on full display. The unfriendly competition between Blade vs. Reinhardt is at it’s comical peak here, but soon the calm atmosphere is assaulted by our first explicit view of the insanely horrific design of a Reaper’s jaws as Priest is attacked. As one would expect, all Hell breaks loose and we finally get to see the Bloodpack in action as they literally tear up the joint. Snowman (Donnie Yen) gets to show off some especially slick moves against a very unfortunate Reaper. Meanwhile, Scud has an intensely suspenseful encounter when a seperate pack of vicious Reapers swarm his nearby van to keep the pulse-pounding action at a fever pitch.

    This all adds up to a thrilling sequence that has kept my copy of the Blade II DVD spinning frequently for many years. I can’t wait to find out which of these amazing characters and scenes show up in Marvel Superstars.

  5. “DVD Spinning Frequently” could be the story of our life! We watch these movies constantly as background music while we write and paint.

    Awesome nominations, thanks.

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