Marvel Knights Week: So Far, So Sick.

February 9, 2010

So you want to be Blade, eh? Track down some bloodsuckers? Party with the freaks? Well, guess what? Marvel Superstars is your game.

That is the Blade Leader character included in the Marvel Premier set. He will keep track of your life. He starts with 50 health points and if you can take your enemy’s Leader down to zero before Blade runs out, you win.

If you can somehow get 4 charge counters on that bad boy, you can eliminate any Supporter you wish – as long as it is damaged first. Enter Elektra’s flying foot.

Pow! Big toe to the ear. Costs only one resource to play. Charges Blade toward his elimination trick. Sweet.

But that’s not all. Just in case the enemy is plotting and scheming to keep their dudes clean, here comes Hannibal King.

That is just nasty. Think of all the headaches. Intercept to save their leader and they get burned just in time for Blade to sweep up the ashes. And he is packing a very sturdy broom.

We have a theme. Blade will be making enemies bleed and then burying them, while he survives to fight another day. So sick.



  1. I’ll probably be focusing on a deck with this theme as soon as the game is released, as I love the charge power on Leader Blade in conjunction with the various direct damage built in. I expect we may see a Special Action for Blade that does 2-4 damage to each opposing character in play, which would represent his boomerang-type weapon and fit perfectly with the “eliminate damaged enemy” theme.

    We can already see an effective Marvel Knights curve starting to take shape when you add the spoiled supporters 5-cost Ghost Rider, 6-cost Electra, and 7-cost Daredevil into the lineup, and all of their abilities seem really strong for different situations.

    Another strong addition will be Iron Man Businessman, as he can obviously help accelerate up to 4 charges on Blade fast in the early turns, and if necessary he can then send his puny 1 attack into any supporter to cause them to be damaged, then either Blade supporter or the Charge Power will make short work of the damaged enemy. I already love the Blade-rrific combo potential!

  2. Indeed, the Marvel Knights team has the most specific strategy yet revealed… but that’s only the Blade deck! Elektra and Ghost Rider will bring two more flavors.


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