Marvel Knights Week: Daredevil’s Alter Egos.

February 10, 2010

The blind guy in brick red is one of our favorite actors for three specific roles.  His cardboard persona is Daredevil in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game, but he will always be an angel to us.

Ben Affleck started small with Good Will Hunting. He advanced to the Academy Awards on the first turn. His career has been a mad bungee jump since then, with some rather embarrassing moments. I would not, however, begrudge anyone who wants to name a Superstars deck after Chuckie Sullivan. In fact, with that Boston accent, I am plotting to create a Wicked Pissah list myself.

If you have never seen the movie Dogma, you are living in sin. Fly immediately to the nearest DVD place and watch it tonight. The first scene? In the airport? Absolutely brilliant writing. Maybe the funniest scene Ben Affleck has ever delivered. Bartleby deck, check.

Saving the best for last, in our humble opinion, we come to Ned Allyen. As Mercutio. Shakespeare In Love. The Rose Theater is the stage. The rest is history. Ben Affleck is bringing the bard to trading card games.



  1. Speaking of Daredevil, apparently they are going to pull a Hulk/Punisher (soon Spiderman/Superman) and reboot the series. It’s early, but apparently they have someone writing the script (the guy who wrote the remake of Day the Earth Stood Still).

    • I should add, this is probably going to be the case for most of the already liscensed properties, since they need to keep making movies or risk the properties reverting to Marvel (and therefore Disney) … so the combination of Iron Man being a success (and thus Marvel Studios) and Disney being a huge juggernaut itself, even if the properties had “bad” movies, they have an incentive to make it work, either with a sequel or a reboot. Should be good news for Superstars in terms of providing new material over time (in addition to the guaranteed Avengers movie ‘series’ with Thor and Captain America, etc).

  2. My favorite of the future movie buzz teases is simple.

    Deacon Frost reboot. Seriously, they are talking about it!

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