Fantastic Four Week: She Is Water.

February 24, 2010

Each of them will be represented by a Leader character in the Premier Edition of Marvel Superstars.  Together they will form the biggest bomb strategies that our new game has to offer.  There is some debate, however, when it comes to which is which.  Let me explain.

In checking off the four hermetic elements to the individual members of the team, our recent article on the mothership took a tangent from tradition.  Marvel comics canon has always assigned Water to Reed and Air to Sue.  We disagree.

Thought is non-tangible.  Pure intellect is devoid of compassion.  Reed Richards is not nurturing, emotional, or protective like the ocean.  He is not water, in our scheme.

Sue is the protector.  Sure, she gets invisible.  Yes, air is invisible.  It seems rather lazy to stop there when getting symbolic.  She is not a big thinker.  She feels.

It pains us to have to dispute the wisdom of the greatness that is Dr. Stephen Strange, but we must.  Fire and Earth are obvious, but the true meaning of the Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic have been mis-applied throughout their 50 year history.

He is Air, and she is Water.


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