Fantastic Four Week: Including Silver Surfer.

February 26, 2010

Those two are not the entire four, obviously.  Let’s quote Ben Stoll from the fantastic team overview article on the mothership for the full picture:

You’ll find that Fantastic Four decks are frequently suited for a slower, more controlling game, although focusing heavily on Human Torch or Thing will certainly speed you up. Fantastic Four is the best at drawing extra cards, they have some very defensive supporters, and they happen to have the only card that costs more than 8 resources to play! Along with the X-Men, this team is about having your characters work together. As you would expect, each of the four family members brings their own specific powers to enhance the overall capabilities of the team. You’ll find damage prevention, force power-ups, and direct damage (that comes from powers or actions as opposed to attacks). You can choose to focus your deck heavily on one family member, but you’ll also benefit from including the entire family. There are supporters for each of the members that benefit from having their teammates around.

Some more highlights:

-The Fantastic Four feature cards that allow you to get more than one city resource onto your side in a single turn. By sacrificing your early turns doing this, you gain access to more powerful cards faster.

-Although he won’t directly benefit from some of the Fantastic Four “family” cards, you may find yourself wanting to include another powerful character that can be found on this team. I’ll give you a hint: he’s really shiny.

Really? Yes, really.  There will be a Silver Surfer card.



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