Villains Week: Evil Goodness.

March 7, 2010

Just in case you have not been exposed to the ultimate evil in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game, that is The End of Days.  It was fully revealed Friday in our latest article on the mothership.  It is a super-rare, and it is very viable in the game.

We have been playing Marvel Superstars for the past couple days with printed proxies.  We know, for certain, that it will be possible to pop 8 resources to clear the board.  In honor of The End of Days, we hereby post all the Villains cards heretofore revealed.  Happy Sunday!



  1. I haven’t seen official rules yet, so I was trying to decide when the damage is added. The abomination leader does damage to an abomination on your side. If the 3 damage is enough to kill the target abomination, will the attack conclude first or will the abomination die first?

    Or if your opponent responds with an effect to damage the abomination, will the attack conclude without an abomination?

    Guess I really just need to know when the damage is applied in comparison to the combat.

  2. If the damage from Abomination’s charge power would be fatal, then the Abomination would die before combat conclusion and not deal [force] damage.

    You won’t want to save it for a dying guy, get those Abominations swinging and start the pain!

  3. wow, funny thing is i thought i gave up card games when Vs was finished but my friends caught wind of this game like a while back and now im just seeing the cards. dammit man, doom looks so hot(im a doom/F4 player from Vs). its slowly pulling me back in,lol.

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