Our Favorites So Far.

March 15, 2010

Today we are taking stock.  With over 50 Marvel Superstars cards revealed so far, we have enough to play favorites.  Let’s choose the best of each card type, starting with Base Resources.  Each player starts the game with three bases in play, so the action can begin immediately.  The Baxter Building card is a magnificent example of perfectly matching the movie image with the card frame.  Check out the parallel curves on the top and bottom.  Aesthetic brilliance, excellent on the eyes.

New York is the obvious choice for our favorite City Resource, since it is the only one we have seen!  Every time we catch this shot in the Incredible Hulk movie, our fingers start itching for real Marvel Superstars cards.  Gotta love that Lady Liberty.

Favorite Leader character was a tough decision.  The Storm card calls to us with an open hand, but Jessica Alba’s eye is just a bit louder.  Very difficult choice.  Our article avatar was the deciding vote. 

This pick was much easier than it should have been. We have never, ever seen Mystique look so cute. Yes cute. Shots like this are going to make the Premier Edition of the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game one of the most thrilling games ever to be released. We are in bunches, waiting to see what other surprising photographs were chosen to embellish our favorite Marvel movie characters. Good times.

Our top Special Action card is not only a favorite all-time movie moment, it is incredibly powerful in the game. If Blade can build a deck that consistently gets to his 8-drop, the Flurries will be spectacular. We simply cannot wait for the full set so this bad boy can start busting.

We end with The End of Days, our favorite previewed Action card. That scene in Ghost Rider was cool enough before it was immortalized on cardboard. Now it will live forever.


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