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First Decks!

March 3, 2010

Stormy by Alex “OrangeSodaMan” Lloyd.

1x Storm Leader
3x Xavier’s School Base Resource

18x New York City Resource

3x Knock Out
3x Only the Strong Survive
3x Severe Weather
3x X-Men United
3x Iron Man, Businessman
3x Cyclops, Head of the Class
3x Storm, Cloud Cover
3x Ice Man, Ice Shards
3x Rogue, Power Drain
3x Wolverine, Finisher
2x Professor X, Charismatic


Thirsty by Jaron “Vylokx” Tomsky.

1x Blade Leader
3x Baxter Building Base Resource

16x New York City Resource

3x Blade Flurry
3x Media Darling
3x High Kick
3x Only the Strong Survive
3x Iron Man – Businessman
3x Hannibal King – Nightstalker
3x Ghost Rider – Burnout
3x Elektra – Resurrected
3x Daredevil – Acrobat
2x Typhoid – Decay
3x Blade – Daywalker
2x Blade – Vampire Slayer

Yes indeed, the time is now.  We have enough preview cards to build decks and start playing Marvel Superstars.  Stay tuned to this station for the results of our testing, the first-ever fight will be Storm against Blade.  Thanks to Vylokx and OrangeSodaMan for the lists, the deck names are ours. 

Here.  We.  Go!