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This Girl Is Trouble.

March 16, 2010

Yikes.  The Elektra deck is looking more terrifying with each new preview card.  That 5-drop will start thinning the enemy hand on your second turn?  People are going to HATE seeing that chick hit the board.  Especially when she can’t be killed.

Very, very scary.  Make sure you click on over the the mothership for the full article.  This girl is trouble.


Marvel Knights Week: Daredevil’s Alter Egos.

February 10, 2010

The blind guy in brick red is one of our favorite actors for three specific roles.  His cardboard persona is Daredevil in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game, but he will always be an angel to us.

Ben Affleck started small with Good Will Hunting. He advanced to the Academy Awards on the first turn. His career has been a mad bungee jump since then, with some rather embarrassing moments. I would not, however, begrudge anyone who wants to name a Superstars deck after Chuckie Sullivan. In fact, with that Boston accent, I am plotting to create a Wicked Pissah list myself.

If you have never seen the movie Dogma, you are living in sin. Fly immediately to the nearest DVD place and watch it tonight. The first scene? In the airport? Absolutely brilliant writing. Maybe the funniest scene Ben Affleck has ever delivered. Bartleby deck, check.

Saving the best for last, in our humble opinion, we come to Ned Allyen. As Mercutio. Shakespeare In Love. The Rose Theater is the stage. The rest is history. Ben Affleck is bringing the bard to trading card games.


Marvel Knights Week: What To Wear.

February 9, 2010

Today we are making a fashion statement.  Marvel Knights apparel for each of the core movies.  When we start flinging Superstars around the table, we might as well be content coordinated. Represent.


Marvel Knights Week: So Far, So Sick.

February 9, 2010

So you want to be Blade, eh? Track down some bloodsuckers? Party with the freaks? Well, guess what? Marvel Superstars is your game.

That is the Blade Leader character included in the Marvel Premier set. He will keep track of your life. He starts with 50 health points and if you can take your enemy’s Leader down to zero before Blade runs out, you win.

If you can somehow get 4 charge counters on that bad boy, you can eliminate any Supporter you wish – as long as it is damaged first. Enter Elektra’s flying foot.

Pow! Big toe to the ear. Costs only one resource to play. Charges Blade toward his elimination trick. Sweet.

But that’s not all. Just in case the enemy is plotting and scheming to keep their dudes clean, here comes Hannibal King.

That is just nasty. Think of all the headaches. Intercept to save their leader and they get burned just in time for Blade to sweep up the ashes. And he is packing a very sturdy broom.

We have a theme. Blade will be making enemies bleed and then burying them, while he survives to fight another day. So sick.


Marvel Knights Week: First Confirmed Super-Rare Included.

February 7, 2010

Welcome to Marvel Knights Week. Make sure you check out the kick-off article on the mothership, and fire up that DVD player. We will be taking nominations for The Best Marvel Knights Movie Moment. Describe the scene and explain why you love it. Choose as many moments as you wish.

All choices will be entered into the Legendary Cardboard contest hat. One participant, chosen at random, will be honored as the winning champion of The Best Marvel Knights Movie Moment. Prizes have yet to be determined, but once the game is released it will be something good!

Before you start splattering hyperbole toward the darkness, check out the card above. See that little “S” that follows Daredevil’s card number? That means he is a Super-Rare. The first one we have ever seen close-up. What a wicked way to start the week.