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Alter Egos: Wolverine.

October 21, 2009


With the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game staring us in the face from the future, we are already plotting and scheming about wild and wacky deck names. Since the images will be taken from the cinematic interpretations of each character, we have some rather fertile fodder. You see, Hugh Jackman has also been many other dudes in the movies. We will be able to build a Drover deck and drive them cheeky bulls all the way to the World Championship.


If Australia is not your bag, perhaps a Tesla coil and a rabbit in a hat will suit your nicknaming tastes. Prestigious archetypes using the Wolverine hero card could be cloning Angier in different spots around the globe very soon.


For me, that is still too tricky. I am all about the love. Our man Wolverine is hilarious and hearwarming as the Duke of Albany. Therefore, my first claw deck will be something about Leopold and sweet creamery butter. Bring it!



One foot in front of the other, even when standing still.

October 7, 2009


Those are the official Nike Wolverine shoes from last summer. Since the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game is using still photographs from the movies rather than comic book illustrations, we needed some new kicks to fit our purposes a bit better. Thanks, Sneaker Obsession and Van20, these are fantastic.






A Snikt in Time.

October 6, 2009


Still trying to keep ourselves from unraveling with anticipation. Still no news on the Marvel Superstars front. How better to pass the time than learning to knit our very own superheroes with Kimberly Chapman?

I need to grab some yarn and a couple needles, then I’ll be back.



Anticipation So Thick You Can Shred It With Your Claws.

September 13, 2009


In two days time we will be rushing collectively rushing home with our own personal copies of Marvel Origins: Wolverine on DVD. In three months we will be playing him in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game on our own kitchen tables using the downloadable demo decks that will be available at The anticipation is thick. Get ready to jump.


Patience is a virtue, and it is about to pay off. The screaming is about to end. The new Sabretooth will be invading our homes on Tuesday. He is loud. He is proud. He is a force to be reckoned with.


We do not know what Sabretooth’s abilities will be in Marvel Superstars. He will probably rip opposing strategies to shreds with the same savage intensity that he brings to the film. When the cards hit the table our curiousity will finally be satisfied and our anticipation will explode. Until then, starting Tuesday, we can sit back and enjoy the show.



Superstar Tech: Wolverine.

September 9, 2009


That is the first published Leader Character in the history of the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game. The full force of its fun factor remains to be seen, but something new is breaking through from the other side.


Leaders form the theme. In this game, your strategy will have a face. The Wolverine we have seen is all about healing. Removing five damage for every two charge counters could prolong things enough to slash victory from the jaws of defeat.

We are starting our tech talk with a scant sniff of information. It is enough to get a good idea of the thrill we have in store.


Traditionally, gaining life in a trading card game enables all sorts of stall strategies. In Marvel Superstars, one charge counter is gained by playing an Action card. Two charge counters removed from Wolverine gains five life. Leader abilities are limited to once per turn, so the abuse of this gameplan will not be rampant, but you can rest assured that plenty people will be playing Logan decks when we finally get cards in hand in February.

Expect things to be strange, with new archeype combinations that have never been realized.  The only support ability reported from the demonstration decks at GenCon revealed a rather hot way to maximized Wolverine’s power to lengthen your chances. It was a card that gives +2 Attack points to all Wolverine allies that you control. That portends some sort of stall/rush concoction, full of fur and ready to rip an opponent to shreds. We cannot wait to get our claws on that.



Marvel Superstar #2: Wolverine.

July 30, 2009


The early results are in, and it seems that Wolverine has a sizable lead in the popular vote. Barring some sort of miracle comeback by the Hulk, Marvel Superstar #2 will be from Canada.

Why is Wolverine so popular? He is short, he is scruffy, and he is shameless. He does what he wants, and he is not afraid to do it often. Life in civilized society demands rules and laws and social graces. Wolverine doesn’t care about those things.

He also has a built-in lethal weapon, or six. His claws are the envy of every kid in the world. The X-Men team affiliation has been at the forefront of the modern generation of Marvel Comics since the television cartoon series hit the airwaves, and Wolverine has always been their loudest character in the public imagination.

Marvel Superstar #2 is Wolverine.