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Lovely Leader Ladies At Their Leisure.

March 26, 2010

There are three female Leader characters appearing in the Premiere Edition of Marvel Superstars, and it will be awfully difficult not to play with them. Their faces leave an indelible mark, and their strategies summon like sirens. The first, obviously, is Halle Berry as Storm.

Usually when the word “bounce” and “Halle Berry” are combined, we are talking about something else. In Marvel Superstars, she commands even more attention with her natural abilities. Storm’s charge power is simply nuts. It can clear any size Supporter from the board with the wave of a hand.

Yes, that is Jessica Alba. I guess she was trying to apply the antidote for the extreme blonde they made her wear in the Fantastic Four movies, and that shot makes me grin every single time.

Sue Storm sets up a sizable wall when it comes to Marvel Superstars. Swarm strategies will be neutered and aggro players will come up way short. She stalls – sensationally.

Ha! That is an actual photograph of Jennifer Garner in high school. No wonder she is bringing the pain with her Elektra Leader card. This lovely lady learned her lesson, and now she is Marvel Superstars’ most dangerous assassin.


Support Kit.

March 25, 2010

That is an order list from GTS Distribution, and we cannot confirm the accuracy of the release date. We can, however, use the potential of a Marvel Superstars “Support Kit” to launch us into a preview of our favorite current curve. These are the Supporters that we like most at each drop so far.

He is cooler than a cucumber and his hotties are unequalled in the industry. Now Tony Stark will be charging leaders left and right, no matter what team they are on.

The single focus on card advantage cannot be overstated with that one-eyed monster. Again, quite splashable in any deck you can imagine.

This guy was chosen purely for his cool factor. Perhaps some sort of swarm deck will be able to satisfy his thirst, but for now I just want to try out that evil sneer.

Two Villains in a row, and this one is serious tech. Pick an Action, any Action. I have never seen this blue beauty look quite so cute, or as absolutely playable.

That’s just nasty. She slices, she dices, she empties your hand in a flash of cold steel. Ouch.

Oh my. Check that out. Get him angry for exactly 10 damage. You will like him when he’s angry.

Ugly, tricky, and undeniably dangerous. Abomination indeed.

We end our kit with the original Marvel movie hero. Still wicked cool, and updated for cardboard bliss inducement. Building a deck that can get that bad boy on the board to bust a Blade Flurry? That’s the kind of thing I live for. Stay tuned to this station for frequent updates on the actual release of Marvel Superstars, and try not to drool!


X-Men Week: Be Storm’s Valentine.

February 12, 2010

What. A. Beauty. That card was just released on the mothership. Not only does it blow all the other previews straight to kingdom come, but it heralds a hurricane of impeding Halle Berry domination in the Marvel Superstars metagame.

Remember, you start each game with three Base resources in play. Notice, this Storm can exhaust the entire enemy economy with one violent wind.  Realize, this is a whole new game from this day forward.

I think I’m in love.


Shuffling The Archetypes.

January 27, 2010


Humans tell stories. These tales share common content across both temporal and cultural divides. Myths arise from the collective unconscious of the entire species, then flower in the fertile ground of generational legend. Comic book superheroes continue this tradition exponentially.

Ghost Rider is a character created in 1972 by Roy Thomas, Gary Fredreich, and Mike Ploog. Marvel Comics was looking for an edgy new legend. A guy with a flaming skull riding a hopped-up motorcycle flailing heavy metal chains did the trick. It was a modern myth that quickly caught fire and engulfed the entire world.

In 2007, Ghost Rider made it all the way to the silver screen. Mark Steven Johnson had taken the archetype and studded it with some ancient flavors. He allowed Johnny Blaze to prevent The End of Days.

Blackheart’s master plan is now being upgraded on cardboard in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game. The End Of Days eliminates all supporters from the board in one fell swoop. This is one of the most powerful card archetypes in gaming history. It provides an ominous answer to the spectre of enemy swarms. It promises to nuke the mightiest of late-game muscle. It may be called The End Of Days, but it is a blindingly bright beginning to an amazing new game.


Tony Stark Is Upgrading The Professor X Wheelchair.

January 26, 2010

The Marvel Supertars Trading Card Game is gaining speed like a shiny bald-headed mutant master snowballing down the hill of the entire planet. We just learned of the Professor X Leader character ability while grooving on a glorious introductory study of each team’s flavor, written masterfully by the one and only Ben Stoll.

Reality will never be the same.

That sight of that card was sweet music to the ears of any gamer who seeks to swarm the field with scads of tiny minions, unleashing a horde of underdog tiny terrors against any unsupecting muscle-bound Goliath who may get in the way. Weenie warriors went wild.

Then the ante was upped exponentially. Tony Stark is ready to join forces with Charles Xavier in ways we never thought would be real.

This is not a joke. These cards are official. Look at how loopy the X-Men Leader gets with that crazy capitalist charge-puppy. Sure, Iron Man costs one extra resource without another Avenger in play, but wait. Dropping an Action charges Professor X. Then the Leader ability brings Tony to the table on the cheap. The rest is fresh history.

Tony Stark will be working to upgrade the Professor X wheelchair. For real. Marvel Superstars is a trip. Already.


These Are The Times That Try Men’s Souls.

January 26, 2010

When life throws you twelve lemons at once, start juggling. I am in the middle of a terrifically tumultous time here at work. Then at this very moment, the most explosive article yet written about the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game has gone live. Click that link. Now.

I don’t have time to talk, but you can sink your teeth into that Blade until I get time to ponder his implications. And…

Make sure you catch Typhoid. These are the times.


More Superstars Spoiled!

January 22, 2010

Pure niceness. We just now randomly found that image on the Urban Collector website. First peek at Elektra, Ghost Rider, Knock Out,  X-Men United, and…

The End of Days.

Strain your eyes to read the text, but I doubt it will do much good. Nevertheless, it is. Pure niceness.

Especially with the proof of the existence of 1-cost Supporters. Swarm on!