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It plays like a dream.

March 4, 2010

Last night I played Marvel Superstars with my wife.  She was Blade, and I was Storm.  Since we had already seen the movies at least 60 times, it was more fun than we could have ever imagined.  Our favorite Marvel characters came to life as we beat each other senseless in the comfort of our own living room.

How does it play?  Like a dream.  The game is simple and straightforward.  There is plenty of luck involved, but strategic decisions are available on every single turn.  Going first seems like a big advantage, but as soon as the enemy flops down a turn zero bounce or elimination Action card – face palm followed by fist pump and massive mutual laughter out loud ensues.  Initiative and momentum swing wildly with each fight scene, and it is all over fast enough to play again and again and again.

We are working with a very limited cardpool so far.  The mothership has previewed enough cards to build a few different decks, and the strong abilities are obvious.  The three cards included in this post were our MVPs last night, since they can tear a hole in the enemy team.

Our favorite part of the Marvel Superstars experience was the familiarity we have with the characters, combined with our newfound reality of being able to play with them on our kitchen table in our most desired format.  Trading Card Games allow a sort of godlike power to control the fate of lesser beings.  In this case, we get to script a bloody battle royale with the likes of Halle Berry as a Weather Witch and Wesley Snipes as a Daywalking Nightstalker.

The mechanics of the game made the experience light, easy, and truly enjoyable.  It was much faster and more fun than the more cerebral games that take ten minutes to think through one turn.  Marvel Superstars is a perfect combination for us; it combines two of our favorite entertainment outlets into a thrilling little package.  It will only get better from here, as more cards are previewed in anticipation of the Premier Edition booster set.

In terms of the initial evening of playtesting results, Storm was victorious.  Her charge power is nuts.  Blade wants blood, and if he gets a decent curve his sword is unbeatable.  But. The beauty named Halle Berry bounces bad boys crazy on cardboard.  Dreams do come true.