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Positive Reinforcement: How To Become A Superhero.

January 19, 2010

Here at Legendary Cardboard we are committed to helping build the most positive community possible for the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game. We will soon be playing together on tables both local and national. There is no reason we cannot all work together to make the experience a good one for every single player.

In that vein, we are introducing a new column today called Positive Reinforcement. It may seem flaky, it may be too sweet, but it is the honest truth about how we live our lives. And it works for us.

Every day you have a chance to become a superhero. You can always become better than you already are. You are faced with a choice. Will you make people feel good, or will you make them feel bad?

Making people feel good is a magical, heroic act. You never know how far your positive actions will take the person. You might turn on the light inside. They may be changed forever.

Make someone feel good today. Share the joy of life with everyone you can. Start with yourself, then smile at every person you meet. You can become a superhero. Start right now.