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The 262: Amazing Coincidence.

October 10, 2009


Upper Deck made a cryptic announcement yesterday.

“The X-Men had the 198. Marvel Superstars has the 262.”

This seems to say that the Premiere Set will contain 262 cards. It also sends us scurrying for Legendary Cardboard coincidences.

Amazing Spider-Man #262 is the first in our series, and it serves some serious synchronicity to start us off. Out of nowhere, in March 1985, Marvel Comics decided to feature a live-action photograph of Scott Leva as everyone’s favorite webhead. The stuntman was being groomed for the upcoming 1987 Spider-Man movie, which eventually got stuck in so much sticky studio red tape that it never got made.

The photographic cover caused quite a bit of ruckus, especially since the film did not happen, and it remains one of the most memorable comic book images of our time. It is stunning to realize that 24 years later we have an entire stable of outstanding Marvel movies to choose from when we start playing the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game in February.

Bob Layton was the artist and writer of the comic book, and he was gracious enough to save the original ink cover that was commissioned just in case the photograph was not acceptable.

The 262: Amazing Coincidence.