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What to Expect: War Machine.

October 2, 2009


War Machine is on his way. Iron Man 2 will bring the big bullets. Shiny, high caliber, and extremely powerful. Just wait until you see his cardboard version, there are shots that will be exclusive to the game.


What to Expect: Blade.

September 26, 2009


As we speak, the officers of Upper Deck Entertainment are designing and developing the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game. At this very moment, they are playing Sealed Pack and Draft formats to create the ultimate gaming experience. While we wait for the details, let’s turn back the clock and enjoy some of the films that are expected to be included. Starting in 1998, Marvel Comics mythology was translated into modern movie magic with Blade. Here is our favorite review, just imagine how this will be accomplished on cardboard.

If you like both vampire movies and action movies, then Blade is the ultimate in what you’re looking for. From the first battle sequence, Blade is packed full of violence and excellently choreographed martial arts type action. (Snipes is actually trained in a martial art, but I can’t remember which one.) The special effects are interesting, and the manner in which the vampires die (instantly shattering into a cloud of computer generated black dust) keep with the fast pace and techno atmosphere of the movie. Also interesting is the way in which vampire mythology is mixed with modern technology to give some degree of scientific credibility to the supernatural (e.g. treating a vampire’s aversion to garlic as an allergy instead of magic, and using an anti-coagulant to wreak havoc on a vampire’s circulatory system). Some nice twists.

While the horror element is rather light, one scene in the beginning is pretty freaky: a hapless human gets invited to a vampire nightclub, and suddenly, the fire sprinklers start spraying blood and everyone around him transforms… something that will make you think twice about going to strange raves.

-Andrew Manning

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