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First Decks!

March 3, 2010

Stormy by Alex “OrangeSodaMan” Lloyd.

1x Storm Leader
3x Xavier’s School Base Resource

18x New York City Resource

3x Knock Out
3x Only the Strong Survive
3x Severe Weather
3x X-Men United
3x Iron Man, Businessman
3x Cyclops, Head of the Class
3x Storm, Cloud Cover
3x Ice Man, Ice Shards
3x Rogue, Power Drain
3x Wolverine, Finisher
2x Professor X, Charismatic


Thirsty by Jaron “Vylokx” Tomsky.

1x Blade Leader
3x Baxter Building Base Resource

16x New York City Resource

3x Blade Flurry
3x Media Darling
3x High Kick
3x Only the Strong Survive
3x Iron Man – Businessman
3x Hannibal King – Nightstalker
3x Ghost Rider – Burnout
3x Elektra – Resurrected
3x Daredevil – Acrobat
2x Typhoid – Decay
3x Blade – Daywalker
2x Blade – Vampire Slayer

Yes indeed, the time is now.  We have enough preview cards to build decks and start playing Marvel Superstars.  Stay tuned to this station for the results of our testing, the first-ever fight will be Storm against Blade.  Thanks to Vylokx and OrangeSodaMan for the lists, the deck names are ours. 

Here.  We.  Go!


Basic Superstars: This Is How We Do It.

January 29, 2010

If you are as loaded and ready to play the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game as we are, you cannot get enough new information about how things will work. Today we will review basic gameplay, continuing to stoke the fires and start sparks.

1. You will choose a Leader character to build your deck around. Your Leader will have a team affiliation and a charge ability. Every time you play an Action card your Leader will gain one charge counter. To use your Leader’s charge ability you need to remove the number of charge counters printed before the ability. Doom forces the enemy to discard a card when he removes 3 charges. This Leader ability can only be used once per turn, and only on your turn.

Your Leader holds victory and defeat in his or her bones by keeping track of damage. Each Leader starts the game with 50 health points. Your enemy will be trying to damage your Leader throughout the game, and when the health points reach zero you lose. Each Leader starts with no attack points.

2. Resource cards provide capital for you to “pay” for Supporter characters and Action cards. You begin each game with three Base Resources, and you can place one City Resource onto the board with each successive turn. Base Resources and City Resources are both turned sideways to show that they have been spent that turn, then they are turned back upward at the beginning of your next turn. City Resources give your Leader one attack point.

3. Supporter characters are played only on your turn. They can attack the enemy Leader. They can attack enemy Supporters. They can intercept enemy attacks, redirecting the oncoming damage to themselves. Supporters can have some seriously powerful abilities. The Businessman Iron Man above swells your Leader with massive charges, as long as you can keep him in play. When a Supporter gains damage equal or greater than its health points it is eliminated and placed into your bin.

4. Action cards bring instant effects into the battle. Some are Special Actions, like the Repulsor Ray above, since they can only be played if you control a certain character. You need to have enough ready resources available to pay the cost in the upper right corner of the card. If you can afford them, Action cards are the only thing you can play on an enemy turn.

5. You will build your own deck with whatever combination of Marvel movie myths you desire. You choose a Leader and 3 Base Resources. You choose 50 other cards to surround them. You can only use 3 copies of each individual Supporter and Action, but you can add an unlimited number of your favorite Cities. If you want to add Supporters and Actions from a team that is different than your Leader, you will need to turn one extra Resource sideways to pay for it. As soon as you control a Supporter with a specific team affiliation, you pay only the printed cost of that team’s cards.

6. You will deeply enjoy the creative construction of a unique deck. You will be able to juxatpose bizarre mutant beauties with ugly underworld alterations, shining superheroes with vile villains. It will be one of the most entertaining things you will ever do.


Alter Egos: Hannibal King.

January 28, 2010

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is an official, real, actual Marvel Superstars trading card. We will be battling our buds with Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King, and his ability is harsh.

Enemy supporters will think twice about intercepting when this guy is in play, especially with Blade charged up and ready to eliminate them as soon as they get tagged. Today, however, we are focusing on the actor. If the Hannibal King strategy is your favorite flavor, killer deck names are guaranteed.

We are actually going to skip the Deadpool references. Why? Because the braintrust on the mothership has already hinted him into the future of Marvel Superstars. This means that every actor who has multiple superheroic Hollywood identities has a chance to appear many times in the game.

We don’t have any Green Lantern pics, so that one is a non-starter. It is probably inevitable eventually anyway. Marvel Superstars decks with DC Comics monikers? Obviously.

With those out of the way, let’s dive into the sick spice that is Ryan Reynolds on film. When building Hannibal King constructed combinations, keep these in mind.

Wicked cool and hot as ice, Adventureland is a gem. Mike Connell is an absolute trip.

The wealth of possible deck names in that movie truly blows my mind. My first suggestion? Nailing Bella.

Moving on, we have Smokin’ Aces. Richard Messner, anyone? There is quite a bit of card playing in that movie, so it will be a natural fit.

And then we come to a fitting finale. Ice hockey and kooky nerds. An immortal attitude and an unforgettable name. I am convinced about this one. Someone will build a Van Wilder deck, I can feel it.

Ryan Reynolds, we cannot wait to play Marvel Superstars with your card. Thanks for the rich wealth of roles for nicknaming purposes, you have the best Alter Egos… so far.


These Are The Times That Try Men’s Souls.

January 26, 2010

When life throws you twelve lemons at once, start juggling. I am in the middle of a terrifically tumultous time here at work. Then at this very moment, the most explosive article yet written about the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game has gone live. Click that link. Now.

I don’t have time to talk, but you can sink your teeth into that Blade until I get time to ponder his implications. And…

Make sure you catch Typhoid. These are the times.


Getting All Excited: Blade Bloodbath.

December 23, 2009

As much as I am itching to set up Storm as my Leader Character when Marvel Superstars hits the streets, I think the Bloodbath rave from Blade is even hotter. Check the video now and get ready for cardboard craziness coming soon to a kitchen table near you.


The Line-up is Set.

November 16, 2009


The waiting and wondering is over. Our eyes have seen the glory of the full line-up of Leader characters for the inaugural set of the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game, and it is good. We have a Halle Berry.


Zap! Storm is joining Wolverine and Professor X as the first Leaders of the X-Men team affiliation.


Ouch! Ghost Rider burned a path to the final Marvel Knights spot on the Leader list. Hot times ahead.


How perfect! Mr. Fantastic will be joining his invisible mate as a Leader in the Marvel Premier set, which means that the Avengers will be left with only Hulk and Iron Man to represent.

Wow. The line-up is set, and it is simply magnificent. Here are the final 15 announced Leader characters. Get ready for a cardboard party unlike anything mankind has ever seen:

Avengers: Hulk and Iron Man

Fantastic Four: All four.

Marvel Knights: Blade, Elektra, and Ghost Rider.

X-Men: Professor Xavier, Storm, and Wolverine.

Villains: Abomination, Dr. Doom, and Magneto.


All the Leaders We Know.

November 12, 2009


The Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game will elevate certain myths above the rest. These will be called Leader characters and they will be the basis for your personal strategy. So far we have learned the identity of eleven out of fifteen leaders in the inaugural Marvel Premiere set. Today we will run down the list and flash a bit of eye candy to get you all excited. As you can see above, the rivalry between Professor X and Magneto will be renewed on Legendary Cardboard…


Hulk and Abomination will be shaking card tables near you…


Iron Man soon shall soar in a whole new stratosphere…


Wolverine will be ripping shreds in enemy trading cards everywhere…


Human torch will be setting things ablaze…


Elektra will be roundhousing on your very own kitchen table…


Blade will be avenging demons in tournament halls…


Dr. Doom will be getting diabolical, while Thing clobbers some cardboard of his own. Pick your Leader Character and get ready to swing on some enemies, Marvel Superstars has a lively list of legends lined up to choose from with five more left to be announced. Cardboard combat will never be the same again.