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Support Kit.

March 25, 2010

That is an order list from GTS Distribution, and we cannot confirm the accuracy of the release date. We can, however, use the potential of a Marvel Superstars “Support Kit” to launch us into a preview of our favorite current curve. These are the Supporters that we like most at each drop so far.

He is cooler than a cucumber and his hotties are unequalled in the industry. Now Tony Stark will be charging leaders left and right, no matter what team they are on.

The single focus on card advantage cannot be overstated with that one-eyed monster. Again, quite splashable in any deck you can imagine.

This guy was chosen purely for his cool factor. Perhaps some sort of swarm deck will be able to satisfy his thirst, but for now I just want to try out that evil sneer.

Two Villains in a row, and this one is serious tech. Pick an Action, any Action. I have never seen this blue beauty look quite so cute, or as absolutely playable.

That’s just nasty. She slices, she dices, she empties your hand in a flash of cold steel. Ouch.

Oh my. Check that out. Get him angry for exactly 10 damage. You will like him when he’s angry.

Ugly, tricky, and undeniably dangerous. Abomination indeed.

We end our kit with the original Marvel movie hero. Still wicked cool, and updated for cardboard bliss inducement. Building a deck that can get that bad boy on the board to bust a Blade Flurry? That’s the kind of thing I live for. Stay tuned to this station for frequent updates on the actual release of Marvel Superstars, and try not to drool!