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First Decks!

March 3, 2010

Stormy by Alex “OrangeSodaMan” Lloyd.

1x Storm Leader
3x Xavier’s School Base Resource

18x New York City Resource

3x Knock Out
3x Only the Strong Survive
3x Severe Weather
3x X-Men United
3x Iron Man, Businessman
3x Cyclops, Head of the Class
3x Storm, Cloud Cover
3x Ice Man, Ice Shards
3x Rogue, Power Drain
3x Wolverine, Finisher
2x Professor X, Charismatic


Thirsty by Jaron “Vylokx” Tomsky.

1x Blade Leader
3x Baxter Building Base Resource

16x New York City Resource

3x Blade Flurry
3x Media Darling
3x High Kick
3x Only the Strong Survive
3x Iron Man – Businessman
3x Hannibal King – Nightstalker
3x Ghost Rider – Burnout
3x Elektra – Resurrected
3x Daredevil – Acrobat
2x Typhoid – Decay
3x Blade – Daywalker
2x Blade – Vampire Slayer

Yes indeed, the time is now.  We have enough preview cards to build decks and start playing Marvel Superstars.  Stay tuned to this station for the results of our testing, the first-ever fight will be Storm against Blade.  Thanks to Vylokx and OrangeSodaMan for the lists, the deck names are ours. 

Here.  We.  Go!


X-Men Week: Be Storm’s Valentine.

February 12, 2010

What. A. Beauty. That card was just released on the mothership. Not only does it blow all the other previews straight to kingdom come, but it heralds a hurricane of impeding Halle Berry domination in the Marvel Superstars metagame.

Remember, you start each game with three Base resources in play. Notice, this Storm can exhaust the entire enemy economy with one violent wind.  Realize, this is a whole new game from this day forward.

I think I’m in love.


Getting All Excited: Blade Bloodbath.

December 23, 2009

As much as I am itching to set up Storm as my Leader Character when Marvel Superstars hits the streets, I think the Bloodbath rave from Blade is even hotter. Check the video now and get ready for cardboard craziness coming soon to a kitchen table near you.


The Leader We Can’t Wait For.

December 11, 2009

The fire has been lit. When Upper Deck announced that Storm would be one of the first fifteen Leader Characters in the upcoming Marvel Superstars trading card game, it began burning a hole in our brains.

We do not know what her ability will be. We have no clue whether her strategy will be based on zapping bolts of direct damage or sweeping whirlwinds of control.  We only know one thing. Her cards are gonna look awful good. Turning Halle Berry sideways FTW.


The Line-up is Set.

November 16, 2009


The waiting and wondering is over. Our eyes have seen the glory of the full line-up of Leader characters for the inaugural set of the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game, and it is good. We have a Halle Berry.


Zap! Storm is joining Wolverine and Professor X as the first Leaders of the X-Men team affiliation.


Ouch! Ghost Rider burned a path to the final Marvel Knights spot on the Leader list. Hot times ahead.


How perfect! Mr. Fantastic will be joining his invisible mate as a Leader in the Marvel Premier set, which means that the Avengers will be left with only Hulk and Iron Man to represent.

Wow. The line-up is set, and it is simply magnificent. Here are the final 15 announced Leader characters. Get ready for a cardboard party unlike anything mankind has ever seen:

Avengers: Hulk and Iron Man

Fantastic Four: All four.

Marvel Knights: Blade, Elektra, and Ghost Rider.

X-Men: Professor Xavier, Storm, and Wolverine.

Villains: Abomination, Dr. Doom, and Magneto.


Girl Power.

August 29, 2009


The legion of lovely ladies found inside the modern myths of the Marvel movies is peeking around the corner. The future of the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game is coming into focus. We have seen the basic structure of the system, and it is time to speculate. How might some of our favorite superpowered female characters fit into their cardboard frames?

Storm started us off with a stare, and she usually shells an opponent with sheet lightning and showers. Her power to control the weather might shock other characters into submission, or she might conjure the wind and blow the entire board sideways to stop all attacks.


That is Callisto, and she is a Morlock. In the movies, she manifests her mental telephathy by finding and measuring mutants. And she is very, very fast. No one knows what she will do in the game, but maybe she could search the deck for a specific character card.


Rogue has always been my favorite female character in the comics. She is all about the extreme physical empathy. When she comes in direct skin contact with another superhero, she absorbs their powers and gets to use them for herself. She can totally relate. Her abilities in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card game might allow her to copy another effect and use powers that she didn’t have before.


Jean Grey filled with the Phoenix Force and became the femme fatale to end all in the film X-Men: Last Stand. When Marvel Superstars is released in February, she will probably be pretty pricey. Late in the game, no matter who is in the lead, there is a distinct possibility that there will be shattering global consequences to explode an entire opposing team. She might even take her own allies with her.

So far, no one knows for sure.  Right now we are just guessing about the cardboard incarnations of the girl superheroes of the Marvel movies. We cannot yet be certain what their abilities will look like, but it is beautiful fun to wonder while we wait.


A Game For The Ages.

August 26, 2009


“We want the game to be easy enough for younger kids to get in but we want it to have enough depth for the older players.”

– The Ben Seck

Yes, the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game is being designed for maximum accessibility. Kids, teens, young adults, middle agers, and even old folks will be turning cardboard copies of their favorite Marvel movie superheroes sideways in pursuit of victory. There will be introductory starter sets to learn with, and advanced expansions to take to the World Championships. Some will play for fun, some will play for fame. Whether old or young, casual or competitive, this is going to be a game for the ages.