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First Decks!

March 3, 2010

Stormy by Alex “OrangeSodaMan” Lloyd.

1x Storm Leader
3x Xavier’s School Base Resource

18x New York City Resource

3x Knock Out
3x Only the Strong Survive
3x Severe Weather
3x X-Men United
3x Iron Man, Businessman
3x Cyclops, Head of the Class
3x Storm, Cloud Cover
3x Ice Man, Ice Shards
3x Rogue, Power Drain
3x Wolverine, Finisher
2x Professor X, Charismatic


Thirsty by Jaron “Vylokx” Tomsky.

1x Blade Leader
3x Baxter Building Base Resource

16x New York City Resource

3x Blade Flurry
3x Media Darling
3x High Kick
3x Only the Strong Survive
3x Iron Man – Businessman
3x Hannibal King – Nightstalker
3x Ghost Rider – Burnout
3x Elektra – Resurrected
3x Daredevil – Acrobat
2x Typhoid – Decay
3x Blade – Daywalker
2x Blade – Vampire Slayer

Yes indeed, the time is now.  We have enough preview cards to build decks and start playing Marvel Superstars.  Stay tuned to this station for the results of our testing, the first-ever fight will be Storm against Blade.  Thanks to Vylokx and OrangeSodaMan for the lists, the deck names are ours. 

Here.  We.  Go!


X-Men Week: To Beat, To Bounce, or To Swarm?

February 19, 2010

When talking X-Men strategy in the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game, there are three major themes.  Wolverine is all about beating the enemy to a bloody pulp while healing your own wounds.  Storm is bouncy, and Professor X swarms the board like an all ages punk show with a five dollar cover.  Which is your style?

Whether you beat, bounce, or swarm, it looks like the rest of the team will be ready to prop you up. Take a look at this Cyclops.  It is obviously tailor-made for the X-babies low-cost swarm theme. It also gives any other character-based deck a good kick in the pants.

Fill my hand with supporters? Yes please. Especially when the Weather Witch is fixing to bounce the other side to high heaven.

Oh my, that is strong. And, just in case you like the sound of bouncy board control but want to run the Professor or Wolverine leader, you got this little rain dance at your disposal.

The X-men are not playing nice in Marvel Superstars. Whichever direction you take them, they are taking no prisoners.  Enemy beware.  These mutants are swinging every which way but loose.


X-Men Week: Be Storm’s Valentine.

February 12, 2010

What. A. Beauty. That card was just released on the mothership. Not only does it blow all the other previews straight to kingdom come, but it heralds a hurricane of impeding Halle Berry domination in the Marvel Superstars metagame.

Remember, you start each game with three Base resources in play. Notice, this Storm can exhaust the entire enemy economy with one violent wind.  Realize, this is a whole new game from this day forward.

I think I’m in love.


Basic Superstars: This Is How We Do It.

January 29, 2010

If you are as loaded and ready to play the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game as we are, you cannot get enough new information about how things will work. Today we will review basic gameplay, continuing to stoke the fires and start sparks.

1. You will choose a Leader character to build your deck around. Your Leader will have a team affiliation and a charge ability. Every time you play an Action card your Leader will gain one charge counter. To use your Leader’s charge ability you need to remove the number of charge counters printed before the ability. Doom forces the enemy to discard a card when he removes 3 charges. This Leader ability can only be used once per turn, and only on your turn.

Your Leader holds victory and defeat in his or her bones by keeping track of damage. Each Leader starts the game with 50 health points. Your enemy will be trying to damage your Leader throughout the game, and when the health points reach zero you lose. Each Leader starts with no attack points.

2. Resource cards provide capital for you to “pay” for Supporter characters and Action cards. You begin each game with three Base Resources, and you can place one City Resource onto the board with each successive turn. Base Resources and City Resources are both turned sideways to show that they have been spent that turn, then they are turned back upward at the beginning of your next turn. City Resources give your Leader one attack point.

3. Supporter characters are played only on your turn. They can attack the enemy Leader. They can attack enemy Supporters. They can intercept enemy attacks, redirecting the oncoming damage to themselves. Supporters can have some seriously powerful abilities. The Businessman Iron Man above swells your Leader with massive charges, as long as you can keep him in play. When a Supporter gains damage equal or greater than its health points it is eliminated and placed into your bin.

4. Action cards bring instant effects into the battle. Some are Special Actions, like the Repulsor Ray above, since they can only be played if you control a certain character. You need to have enough ready resources available to pay the cost in the upper right corner of the card. If you can afford them, Action cards are the only thing you can play on an enemy turn.

5. You will build your own deck with whatever combination of Marvel movie myths you desire. You choose a Leader and 3 Base Resources. You choose 50 other cards to surround them. You can only use 3 copies of each individual Supporter and Action, but you can add an unlimited number of your favorite Cities. If you want to add Supporters and Actions from a team that is different than your Leader, you will need to turn one extra Resource sideways to pay for it. As soon as you control a Supporter with a specific team affiliation, you pay only the printed cost of that team’s cards.

6. You will deeply enjoy the creative construction of a unique deck. You will be able to juxatpose bizarre mutant beauties with ugly underworld alterations, shining superheroes with vile villains. It will be one of the most entertaining things you will ever do.


More Superstars Spoiled!

January 22, 2010

Pure niceness. We just now randomly found that image on the Urban Collector website. First peek at Elektra, Ghost Rider, Knock Out,  X-Men United, and…

The End of Days.

Strain your eyes to read the text, but I doubt it will do much good. Nevertheless, it is. Pure niceness.

Especially with the proof of the existence of 1-cost Supporters. Swarm on!


The Line-up is Set.

November 16, 2009


The waiting and wondering is over. Our eyes have seen the glory of the full line-up of Leader characters for the inaugural set of the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game, and it is good. We have a Halle Berry.


Zap! Storm is joining Wolverine and Professor X as the first Leaders of the X-Men team affiliation.


Ouch! Ghost Rider burned a path to the final Marvel Knights spot on the Leader list. Hot times ahead.


How perfect! Mr. Fantastic will be joining his invisible mate as a Leader in the Marvel Premier set, which means that the Avengers will be left with only Hulk and Iron Man to represent.

Wow. The line-up is set, and it is simply magnificent. Here are the final 15 announced Leader characters. Get ready for a cardboard party unlike anything mankind has ever seen:

Avengers: Hulk and Iron Man

Fantastic Four: All four.

Marvel Knights: Blade, Elektra, and Ghost Rider.

X-Men: Professor Xavier, Storm, and Wolverine.

Villains: Abomination, Dr. Doom, and Magneto.


Our Odds for the Final Four.

November 14, 2009


With only four slots left on the list of the 15 original Marvel Superstars Leader characters to fill, we have our own wishes to reveal. As always with Legendary Cardboard, some of them are seductive underdogs that we would be crazy to actually hope for.

When calculating the odds on the inclusion of our desired final four, we made the assumption that each of the five teams would be give three different leaders in the Marvel Premier expansion set. With three Villains, two Avengers, two X-Men, two Fantastic Four, and two Marvel Knights already announced, it seems that there may be one more character chosen from each of the hero teams. These are our druthers, with some opinions about the chance of seeing them as mainstays in the intitial boxes. We are fairly sure that each of these myths will be represented by at least one supporter card, might they actually be Leaders?


Pepper Potts 20-1

Gwyneth Paltrow’s glimmering gal pal is going to get some serious action in the Iron Man 2 movie, but she probably didn’t have enough oomph in the first film. If they actually balance the teams with three leaders each they will need to find an Avenger other than Hulk and Iron Man, so she does have a hint of hope, but probably not gonna happen.


Rogue 20-1

Even though Anna Paquin is absorbing enormous amounts of popularity as a vampire right now, her role in the X-Men films may not be enough to make her a Leader character. Rogue has always been our favorite mutant, so we are taking the gloves off and crossing our fingers.


Invisible Woman 3-1

Jessica Alba seems like a sure thing, but her Leader character has not been announced yet. If the first set contains three per team, her inclusion would leave out Mr. Fantastic. Perhaps the Villains team will get more leaders than the heroes, or maybe the initial offering will have a “Fantastic Three”. We shall see.


Ghost Rider 2-1

The flaming skull may be a shoe-in if there are three leaders per team. With Elektra already representing the ninja side of Marvel Knights, Daredevil could be left looking for a future set to become a Leader character. The suspense is burning a hole in our heads, but it sure is fun to speculate while we wait.